9 Unquestionable Signs He doesn’t Love You Anymore
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9 Unquestionable Signs He doesn’t Love You Anymore

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Looking for signs he doesn’t love you anymore? You’re at the right place. Read on to discover the signs that tell a guy has lost interest in you.

After dating him for a long time, he suddenly became cold and hot. He started avoiding you to the extent of not picking up or returning your calls. Does it mean he has lost interest in you? Let’s figure it out in this post.

When a guy develops feelings for you, you will know. What of when he falls out of love? Are there signs that indicate he doesn’t love you anymore?

Nothing is so frustrating as giving your heart to someone and ending up wondering if it is still the same person you knew before. Before you proceed to see some of the signs he’s no more interested in you, take a look at why men pull away from the woman they love.

Below are the signs your boyfriend doesn’t want to be with you again.

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Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

1. He doesn’t call you again

That a guy is busy is not when it comes to calling the woman he loves. He will sacrifice anything just to hear her voice.

If he suddenly stopped calling, it is a sign he’s no more in love with you. When you ask him why he doesn’t call, he will simply say that ‘he’s busy.’ Can it be true?

One thing you should know is that some guys don’t like telling you that they’re no more interested. Rather, they will quietly withdraw from you by cutting off all forms of communication instead of hurting your feelings.

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2. He takes so long to reply to your texts

Apart from being busy, if he doesn’t reply to your texts as quickly as he does before, it means his feelings for you have grown cold.

Let’s examine it a little. How long does it take for him to reply when you started dating him? He was a computer then, right? What of now? Does he take some hours or days to reply to your text? If so, then he doesn’t like you again.

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3. He doesn’t have time for you

Guys love spending quality time with a girl they love.

When last did you spend time together, either talking on the phone, or on a date? What is happening now?

If he doesn’t love you again, he will give you some excuses like: I’m busy, I’m not around, etc. All these indicate that your relationship with him is over.

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4. He gets mad for no reason

Every little thing you say or do is now an offence. What does that mean to you?

Guys don’t get unnecessarily angry at the woman they still love. But if he suddenly developed passive-aggressive behaviour, then he doesn’t have feelings for you again.

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5. He doesn’t respect you anymore

If he suddenly became rude to you, it is a sign he’s no longer in love with you. Men respect the woman they love.

How does he respond when you ask him some questions? Does he still value your opinions? How does he treat you when you are together? All these are the questions that will help you to understand whether he still has feelings for you or not.

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6. He asks for some space

Why would a guy demand a space if not that he’s losing interest in you?

Space is very important in a relationship. But for a guy to demand some time alone is a sign he doesn’t want you anymore.

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7. He’s already dating someone else

Do you feel like he has another girl in his life? Then he’s probably done with you. Even if you haven’t seen him with another person, does he flirt with other girls in your presence? It is an indication that he doesn’t love you again. Here is also my previous post about signs your ex never had true feelings for you.

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8. He abuses you

Whether emotional, verbal or sexual abuse, they’re all signs he doesn’t want you in his life any longer.

He was so nice when you met him, but now, his feelings have changed overnight. He’s no longer the charming guy he used to be. It shows he doesn’t care for you anymore. Here are the signs of an abusive man in a relationship

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9. He doesn’t tell you that he loves you

Saying these three words, I love you is very necessary for every relationship. It gives your significant other an assurance that you are still interested in the relationship. But when you stop saying it, they will assume you don’t love them anymore.

So, if your boyfriend doesn’t tell you that he loves you, it means that his feelings have changed. He has lost interest in dating you.

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What You Should Do When You Discover That He’s No More Interested

The only thing I recommend you to do is to walk away. You don’t force people to love you. If he doesn’t want you anymore, accept it and move on.

If you’ve been calling him all this while, stop it. If you insist, it will be as if you are desperate for him. But if you can give him some space or time to miss you, he may develop feelings for you again.

Just focus on developing yourself to become a better person so that he will later regret abandoning you.

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9 Unquestionable Signs He doesn't Love You Anymore
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