15 Clear Signs Someone Doesn’t Like You
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15 Clear Signs Someone Doesn’t Like You

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Do your friends or colleagues at work really like you, or they are just hiding the hatred they have for you? If you are not sure, here are 15 signs someone doesn’t like you.

Most people we call our friends are enemies in disguise. It took me some years to discover that the people I call my friends and have been associating with them for a long time now, really hate me. Although there were some signs that tell they don’t like me but I chose to ignore those signals.

Different people will show that they dislike you in different ways. But today, I am going to share with you, some of the signs that show someone hates you but they’re just pretending they like you.

I know you are trying to identify these signs not because you can’t tell if someone hates you or not. But because their pretense makes everything ambiguous to you, that is why you are finding it difficult to know if they are interested in your life, or they’re just pretending to be.

The following signs will help you to spot those who dislike you in disguise.

Signs someone doesn't like you

10 Signs someone doesn’t like you

1. They ignore you

Generally, you can tell if someone doesn’t like you by their actions. The way they treat you, and how you feel about them are signs they don’t like you. For example, if they always do not give you the attention you needed from them, it is a signal that they dislike you. When someone likes you, you will never beg them twice to pay attention to you.

2. They rejoice over your downfall

Most people may not withhold their attention from you but they secretly hate you. You can discover that by the way, they react when you fail or make a mistake that attracts the attention of others. If they always feel happy because you failed or that your boss got mad at you, then it is an indication that they don’t like you.

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3. They get jealous when you succeed in a task

Someone who likes you will never get jealous of your success. But when someone dislikes you, they will always feel bad, each time you achieve something they couldn’t get. It is not just a sign of jealousy. But also a sign of hatred. People who love you always rejoice at your success and achievements.

4. They gossip about you

It is only those who don’t care about you that backbites or follow others to say bad things about you.

So, if your friend or a colleague at work, always listens to ill things they hear about you, and equally gossip about you, it is a sign that he or she hates you.

5. They hate appreciating your efforts

They hardly praise you whenever you do something commendable. Even if others appreciate you, they will just pretend as if they are not aware. Those who behave this way are people who hate you.

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6. They do things to make you uncomfortable

They don’t care about how you feel, all they want is to do things that will always hurt your feelings. For example, they make or implement a law that will always favor them and not you.

If they are in charge of duty, they will always apportion you the hardest part, just to make everything difficult for you.

7. They try to exclude you from the group

They just hate seeing you around them. Therefore, anytime they have the opportunity to isolate you from the group, they do that without hesitating.

Those who like you are those who enjoy your company. Not those who feel uncomfortable, anytime you are around them.

8. They always try to bring you down

This was the personal experience I had with some of my friends in the past. They always like doing things that will bring me down, so they can laugh at me.

So, if you ever notice that someone likes doing things just to destroy your reputation, it is not a sign that they love you, but a sign of hatred.

9. They easily get angry with you

Passive aggression is another way to tell if someone doesn’t like you. When someone dislikes you, they tend to always get mad at you, in everything you do or say. They are not just being angry because of what you did wrong, but because they have a strong antipathy¬†for you.

10. They like opposing you in everything

Opposition is a normal thing. But when you always receive that from someone, it becomes another different case.

People who like you and want to be with you will always support you. But those who don’t want you, nor like you will always look for a way to challenge your opinion.

For example, you will discover that a fellow colleague hates you at work by the way they oppose you. They never smile at you, laugh at your jokes, nor show any sign of happiness whenever you are around them.

5 Signs someone doesn’t like you online

Below are the signs someone dislikes you over the text.

1. They don’t text you back

I have experienced this, often and on. You send someone a friend request on social media, they accept it but to chat with you becomes a problem.

Most times, it does not mean they are busy. It is just a sign that they are not interested. But only a few understand this hidden language.

While some people may decide to reply to your texts, in the beginning, but as time goes on, they will stop replying. They will even view your message but deliberately refuse to respond. It is a sign they don’t like you.

2. They always have a minimum interaction with you

Another way to tell if someone isn’t interested in you, online is that they always give you a short response for an answer. For example, you say “hi” and they reply “fine.” It is an indication that he or she does not like you.

If you doubt, go ahead and send them another message. For example, try asking them something like, “where are you chatting from.” The next thing they will tell you is, “my home.”

That sounds funny, right. I have had a lot of conversations with these types of persons. They are simply not interested. So, the moment you discover on time, the more you will save yourself from insults.

3. They don’t comment on your posts

Of course, it is not everyone that will drop a comment on your posts on social media. But if this person always views your status update, especially when you post about something good or bad that happened to you, but does not sympathize or celebrate with you, even when others are dropping some comments, it is a sign they don’t like you.

Those who love you will celebrate with you when something good happens and equally mourn with you when something bad occurs in your life.

4. They’re being so mean all the time

What is the essence of having friends online, if not to chat with them, laugh, and support each other. But when someone hates you online, they don’t entertain any form of jokes from you. They are always mean and can block you anytime.

5. They always tell you they’re busy

Someone isn’t interested in chatting if they always tell you that they are busy. Although some may not have the courage to tell you directly, they will simply ignore your texts to show that they don’t like you. And when this happens, just stop texting them or you can block them if you want.

How to act around someone who doesn’t like you

The best way to behave around those who dislike you is to talk less, listen more, and be more conscious of your environment, in case they have any evil plans against you.

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