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6 Signs Your Friend Doesn’t Care About You

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Friendship shapes our lives either positively or negatively. Having fake and uncaring friends is the same as having no friends at all. Can I ask you? “Does your friend really love you? If you are not sure, then here are 6 signs your friend doesn’t care about you.

Fake friends are there to waste your time. They don’t think about how to add value to your life. So, if you ever find any of these signs in your friendship, it means your friend does not have concern for you.

Signs your friend doesn’t care about you

1. They don’t bother to call you except you do

If you are always the one getting in touch with your friend, but they don’t bother to call you except when they need something from you, then it is a sign your friend doesn’t care about you. A friend who has your interest at heart will at least, call you once in a while to know how you’ve been, no matter how busy they may be. That shows that they care about you. Friendship is supposed to be mutual and not one-sided.

This first sign is one of the major reasons why I break up with some of my friends. It is not all about being so busy. Anyone who has your interest at heart will make out time to get in touch with you. That shows your friend cares.

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2. They forget important things you told them

I know that human beings are prone to forgetting, but a friend who has your interest at heart will remember important dates in your life. For instance, your birthday, your plans, or an important event you told them about. But if he or she doesn’t show any interest in the plans you told them about, it is a sign your friend doesn’t have any concern for you.

3. They don’t bother about how you feel

Your friend doesn’t want to know whether you’re feeling bad or not, especially after hurting your feelings. A good friend who has your interest at heart will be conscious of how they treat you, and how you respond to their actions. But a friend who doesn’t love, you will never consider how you feel after hurting you emotionally.

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4. They make fun of you

Another way to tell if your friend doesn’t care about you is that they make fun of you. They laugh at your intelligence and do whatever they can to make you feel bad. But a friend who loves you and cares about your well-being will never follow others and make a gist of you.

5. They gossip about you

An unloving friend backbites you. Although they claim to be your real friend when you are with them. But when you are gone, they speak evil about you. If you have such people as your friends, pull away from them. They are not worth your time.

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6. Your friend doesn’t support you

A supportive friend is a caring friend. But a friend who only appears when things are moving fine with you, and disappears when you are facing tough times is not a caring friend. A true friend who loves you and has your interest at heart will always stand by you no matter what happens.

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