15 Signs You Are Dating A Loser

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How do you know the person you are dating is a loser? Continue reading to find out the signs that tell you are in a relationship with a loser.

Dating is supposed to be an exciting and fulfilling experience. However, it can quickly turn into a nightmare if you find yourself dating a loser.

A loser is someone who brings nothing positive to the table and does nothing to improve your life. Instead, they drag you down and make you feel miserable. If you are not sure whether your partner is a loser or not, here are some signs to watch out for.

Signs You Are Dating a Loser

1. They have no ambition

One of the most obvious signs that you are dating a loser is that they have no ambition or goals in life. They don’t have a job, they don’t have any career aspirations, and they don’t have any hobbies or interests. Instead, they spend most of their time lounging around, playing video games, or watching TV. Such a person is a loser and will not achieve anything in life.

2. They are financially irresponsible

Another way to tell if the person you are dating is a loser is that they are financially irresponsible. They may have a job, but they spend all their money on frivolous things like clothes, electronics, or partying. They don’t have a budget or a savings plan, and they don’t seem to care about their financial future. Such people may appear to be rich now but they will definitely go broke tomorrow.

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3. They are emotionally unavailable

A loser is often emotionally unavailable. They don’t want to talk about their feelings or listen to yours. They may be distant, unresponsive, or dismissive when you try to communicate with them. They may also be insensitive or disrespectful towards you, or they may ignore your needs and desires.

4. They have no respect for your time

If your partner is always late, cancels plans at the last minute, or doesn’t show up when they said they would, it’s a clear sign that they don’t respect your time and they’re not responsible. They may also expect you to drop everything to be with them, even if it’s inconvenient for you. A loser is also someone who is irresponsible.

5. They have no respect for your friends and family

A loser may also have no respect for your friends and family. They may be rude or dismissive towards them, or they may try to isolate you from them. They may also try to turn you against your loved ones, or they may not want to spend time with them at all, especially when they discover that your friends or family do not like them.

6. They have a history of failed relationships

If your partner has a history of failed relationships, it’s a sign that they may be a loser. They may have a pattern of cheating, lying, or being emotionally abusive toward their ex-partners. They may also blame their past relationships on their exes and refuse to take responsibility for their own actions.

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7. They have an addiction

A loser may also have an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or gambling. They may spend all their money on their addiction and neglect their responsibilities. They may also be emotionally unavailable when they are under the influence, and they may become abusive or violent.

The hard part of it is that they may not even be making any efforts to quit those bad habits. So, if you notice any sign of addiction from your partner, just know that they are losers.

8. They have no sense of responsibility

A loser has no sense of responsibility. They don’t take care of their health, their finances, or their relationships. They don’t follow through on their commitments, and they don’t take responsibility for their mistakes. They may also blame others for their problems and refuse to take action to improve their situation.

9. They totally depend on you

If your partner is totally dependent on you and does not make any effort to improve their life, it’s a sign they’re a loser. Losers are too clingy and will rely on you for financial support, and emotional and other assistance they can render to themselves.

10. They’re too lazy

Losers don’t like working. Rather they want others to work and bring to them. Lazy people are irresponsible and will never be useful in life. So, if you notice that your boyfriend or girlfriend is too lazy to do anything, just know that they are losers.

11. They complain about everything

Losers complain a lot. They murmur and wait for things to get right before they take a step to make their life better. Successful people don’t wait for things to get right before taking a step. They don’t wait for opportunities to come. Sometimes, they create opportunities themselves.

11. They blame others for their misfortunes

Instead of admitting to their mistakes, Losers tend to blame everything on others and even their partner. For example, they blame you, their family, or friends for their failure in life, poverty, and misfortunes. Someone who is responsible and wants to become useful does not blame others for his failure. Rather, he puts in more effort to do better.

13. They’re afraid to try something new

Losers are afraid of failing and this fear of failure stops them from trying something new. That is why they don’t make any progress in life. So, if you want to know if the person you are dating is a loser, check their progress. If it seems they’re not moving, maybe as a result of their inactivity, it is a clear sign they’re losers.

14. They don’t have confidence in themselves

A loser does not believe in him or herself. Rather, they talk down on others, especially their partner just to reduce their confidence and make them be on the same level as them.

15. They like criticizing others

One thing losers have in common is that they spend most of their time criticizing others instead of working on their own life. They get jealous and find faults in everything other people do. This is how you identify someone who is a loser.

Final thought

If you are dating a loser, it’s important to recognize the signs early on and take action. Don’t waste your time and energy on someone who doesn’t deserve it. Instead, focus on finding someone who is respectful, responsible, and supportive of you and your goals. Remember that you deserve to be with someone who makes you happy and brings out the best in you.

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15 Warning signs you're dating a loser
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