10 Bad Habits To Break To Improve Your Life This Year
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10 Bad Habits To Break To Improve Your Life This Year

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While some bad habits may be harmless, some can really ruin your life and hinder your productivity and personal growth. Here are a few harmful or toxic habits you should quit immediately if you want to better your life this year.

10 Bad Habits To Break

1. Sleeping too much

Too much sleep is a bad habit you should stop if you want to boost productivity. Oversleeping causes laziness and success does not knock at the door of the indolent ones. So, if you’re sleeping more than 5hrs this year, it is a negative lifestyle. You need to quit it asap.

2. Procrastinating

Are you used to procrastinating? Procrastination is a bad habit almost everyone needs to deal with. If you’re struggling to stop this habit, here is our post that will help you overcome procrastination.

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3. Ingratitude

If you have the habit of complaining always, you need to break it right now. It’s a bad habit. You should always be grateful no matter what happens in your life. So, consider quitting the habit of worrying and complaining too much.

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4. Keeping late at night

Are you the type that comes back late at night? It’s an unhealthy habit you need to give up on. Returning home late for no reason is a sign of irresponsibility and you should consider breaking this habit.

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5. Comparing yourself with others

Do you often feel like you’re not good enough by comparing yourself with others? It’s a bad habit. You should be happy with who you are and what you have. Stop measuring yourself with others. You can never be on the same level as them.

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6. Abuse of alcohol

Are you a drinker? Is not bad but abusing it is a bad habit that needs to be worked on asap. Drinking yourself into a stupor is a sign you’re not responsible. Do you want to be seen as an irresponsible man or woman? If you’re thinking otherwise, then consider quitting excessive drinking of alcohol. There are a lot of health benefits therein.

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7. Smoking

Believe it or leave it, smoking is a bad habit. Have you not wondered why manufacturers of cigarettes caution their users that smokers are liable to die young? How can you continue consuming what will kill you before your time? This shows that smoking is a bad habit and unhealthy habits are not always easy to quit.

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8. Too much Spending

Are you the type that always wants to spend everything you earn just to impress others or to gratify your desires? It’s a bad habit you need to break in order to ascertain financial freedom. Control your expenses. Let your savings be higher than your expenditure.

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9. Eating too much

Do you know that overfeeding is a negative habit that can cause obesity? Do you have the habit of eating everything that comes your way? Come on! It’s a bad habit. You need to control what goes into your stomach. Try to eat a more healthy diet than eating everything you desire.

10. Saying ‘Yes’ when you mean ‘No’

Are you the type that finds it difficult to be assertive? You always end up saying ‘YES’ to requests you’re supposed to decline. Or do you have the habit of trying to please everyone by accepting every opinion that comes your way? It’s a bad habit that will always make you unhappy and burned out. Boost your self-confidence by breaking this habit today.


10 Bad habits to break to improve your life
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