What To Expect When Dating An Introvert
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What To Expect When Dating An Introvert

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Introverts in love or relationships are quiet, shy (most of them), and reserved. They focus more on their inner thoughts and ideas, rather than on what is happening externally. If you are in love with an introvert, here are some tips for a successful date.

Dating an introvert requires patience and tolerance. They are the direct opposite of extroverts. Whereas extroverted people enjoy a wide social circle, an introverted man or woman would rather spend time alone or with a few friends than with a group of people.

Introverts feel comfortable being alone. They are reflective, self-aware, easily get bored being in a crowd, like working or doing things alone, and need quiet time to concentrate. All these are the characteristics of an introvert.

When an introverted guy or girl is in love, they take everything slowly. They will never open up to you at the beginning of your relationship. But when they have finally relaxed, they are great lovers.

The first thing you will observe when you are on a date with an introvert is that he or she hardly speaks up. They hate using a harsh tone when they are in the public (especially when they are angry). And instead of embarrassing them in an open place, it is better you lock them inside and beat the hell out of them. In other words, introverts hate public embarrassment.

I’m an introverted guy, and I know how it feels to be an introvert. Introverts are often outspoken when they are having a phone conversation with you. They tend to relax more when they are not having a one on one conversation with you. But once they meet you in person, you will be wondering if it’s the same person you’ve been speaking with, all this while.

Introversion is a personality trait where a person focuses more on internal feelings rather than on what happens externally.

An introvert girl on a date with a guy

Is it worth dating an introvert?

Dating an introvert is never a waste of time. One of the benefits is that you will learn how to tolerate people with different personality traits. Also, being with an introverted man or woman will teach you how to compromise in a relationship.

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The Challenges of dating introverted people

One of the difficulties or problems of dating introverts is that they are not the type that likes wide social settings. They enjoy doing things with a few friends, whom they feel comfortable being with. So, if you are an extrovert that loves outdoor activities with a vast number of people, then, this could be a very big challenge to your relationship.

What introverts need in a relationship

If you are in love with an introvert, here’s what to expect in your relationship.

1. Some time alone

Space is the most crucial thing every introvert wants in a relationship. They need some time alone to reflect on how the relationship is moving, some time to think about you and miss you, and some space to focus on their career.

So, if you are an extrovert dating an introvert, or an introvert dating a fellow introvert, you should consider giving each other some space at least, once in a while.

2. Understanding

Introverts feel bad when you don’t understand them. They may not tell you, but inside of them, they are uncomfortable. That is why most introverts withdraw at the beginning of a relationship.

They simply want a partner who will listen and understand how they feel. Introverted people hardly share confidential things with people. So, if you are lucky to know some secrets about them, it means they are in love with you and equally trust you.

3. They want you to take the relationship slowly

Do not rush an introvert if you want to keep him or her in a relationship. If you do, they will ghost you.

An introvert in love wants you to take the relationship slowly. They are either not yet sure if you love them, or they are trying to be sure you are compatible with them before opening up. They tend to value slowly building trust with a relationship, as well as spending quality time with you.

So, never come heavily on an introvert or force them to take certain actions. You will scare them away.

Is it hard to date an introvert?

Dating an introvert is never a hard thing once you discover the type of person he or she is, and what they want in a relationship. Although you may feel drained or emotionally exhausted at the beginning, with time, you will discover how amazing and caring they are.

Below are some tips on how to date an introvert.

How to date an introvert

1. Take it slowly

If you want to keep an introvert in a relationship or make them fall in love with you, then you must not rush the relationship. They want some time to figure out if you are the right person for them or not. So, forcing them to commit to you when they are not ready will make them pull away.

2. Pick a nice and solitude place for a date with them

Introverts love being alone. So, if you want to have a nice date with them, avoid choosing a place where they will feel uncomfortable. Look for a nice and solitude place where there are a few number of people. This will make them feel comfortable and enjoy their date with you.

3. Be ready to compromise

Every couple can overcome any relationship problem if they have the ability to tolerate and compromise. To successfully date an introvert, you must be willing to make some sacrifices to keep the relationship moving. Introverts get weary at big parties. Therefore, you should be ready to compromise in this situation, especially if you are someone that loves big events. Just accept them as they are and be willing to sacrifice certain things just to keep your introverted partner in love.

4. Be open and understanding

Your introverted partner will feel comfortable sharing personal details with you if they discover you are safe person to share confidential things with. So, try to be an understanding partner. Understand when their feelings change and do not criticize them for their quiet or calm nature.

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