15 Signs Your Ex Never Loved You
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15 Signs Your Ex Never Loved You

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Are you wondering if your ex ever loved you? Here are signs and ways to tell if your ex never loved you.

Most feelings are not genuine. They are fake love in disguise. Most people enter into relationships only to realize that their partner never loved them. Are you curious to know if your ex loved you before, maybe as a result of how the relationship ended? Here are signs your ex never cared for you.

Signs Your Ex Never Loved You

1. They moved on so fast

One of the signs that tell your ex never loved you is that they never waited for a while after the breakup before entering a new relationship. After a breakup, we have the mourning stage when the two parties miss each other and feel bad for losing the relationship. But if your ex never wasted time before starting another relationship after the breakup, it is a sign he or she never loved you. They were just dating you either because of what they will gain from you or because they are afraid of being lonely.

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2. They’re never bothered about the breakup

You will realize someone never cared for you after you have broken up with them. If they don’t feel bad or angry for losing you, it is a clear sign they never loved you. True love hurts when you lose someone you really care for. Here is my previous post about why love hurt.

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3. They never had enough time for you

Almost everyone in a relationship ignores this sign. But after a breakup, you will come to realize that the reason why your partner was not paying much attention to you was that they never loved nor care for you. If someone loves you, they will always make time for you, no matter how busy they are.

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4. They were cheating on you

Another way to tell if your ex never cared about you is that he or she was cheating on you before the breakup. Most people claim that you can love a person and still cheat on them. But it is never true love. It is likeness. True love has to do with avoiding whatever will make your partner grieve or feel bad about you. Maybe your relationship ended because they’re always cheating on you. It is not a sign they love you. If they do, they would have considered your feelings.

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5. They never invested in the relationship

Were you the only person trying to make the relationship work? It is a sign your ex never wanted a relationship with you. A healthy relationship shouldn’t be one-sided. Both parties should put in their effort to sustain the union.

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7. They were manipulating you

I overheard a woman discussing how her ex-husband has been manipulating her all these years. To her, she never knew what he was doing were the techniques he was using to manipulate her. But she now realizes this simply because the marriage is over.

If you have realized that your ex had been manpulating you before you broke up with them, it is a sign they never loved you. Someone who loves you will never trick you to do certain things. Rather, they will tell you the truth and allow you to decide.

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8. They were never affectionate

Another sign that tells your ex never cared about you is that they were never intimate with you. They were not romantic. And sometimes, when you flirt with them, they don’t flirt back. Intimacy is what sustains a relationship. A lack of it results in catastrophe.

Being intimate with your partner is not all about having sex with them. Although it is part of the game. But doing things like; saying I love you, writing your partner a love letter, sending them a surprise gift, good morning messages or good night messages will help you to be closer to your other half.

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9. They never supported you

One cannot claim to love you without giving you their support. How was your ex treating you when you were together? Were you receiving their maximum support in whatever you do? Or you were all alone. It is another way you can tell if your ex-husband, ex-boyfriend, ex-wife, or ex-girlfriend loved you or not.

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10. They were never interested in commitment

Your ex doesn’t love you if he or she doesn’t even think of moving the relationship to a committed stage. That was why they were able to move on faster, after the breakup.

Also, that you are in a romantic relationship with someone does not mean you are both committed in the relationship. If your partner still sees you as a friend and flirts with other people both in your absence and in your presence, he or she is not committed.

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11. They never respected your boundaries

Did you set boundaries in the relationship? Were those boundaries respected by your ex? What about your privacy? Do they treat you the way they like and go away with it? These are signs they never had genuine feelings for you.

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12. You knew it

Our intuition is a powerful mechanism God programmed for us. It warns us when something is about to happen or already happening.

What are your opinions about your ex? What does your mind tell you about them? Do you think they loved you? Whatever your thoughts are, believe them. Your conscience cannot lie to you.

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13. You were never a priority to them

How was your ex treating you when you were together? Do they only get in touch with you when they need something from you? Do you often feel like you are an option to them but never their priority? These are signs your ex never loved you nor care for you.

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14. They quickly blocked you after the breakup

Are you still friends with your ex on social media? Has he or she ever texted or called you since you broke up with them? If they never waited to block your line or your social media account immediately after the breakup, it simply means they never cared for you.

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15. They were never honest with you

How honest was your ex when you were both together? Was he or she the type that says one thing and does another? Telling lies to your partner is never a sign that you really loved them. If you do, you will try to be honest no matter how painful it may be.

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