8 Tips For Dating As A Single Mom
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8 Tips For Dating As A Single Mom

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Finding love as a single mom is not as hard as you think. Although the fear of being disappointed when a guy discovers you are a single parent can hinder you from dating after divorce. But today, I’m going to share with you, some tips that will help you if you are planning to date again as a single mother.

Dating as a single mom can be a little bit tough. You are faced with the challenges of raising your kids, and at the same time, you are thinking about love. As a single mother who wants to start dating again, here are some tips that will help your post-divorce dating life.

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Is it hard for single moms to date?

Single moms are having a hard time finding proper dates all because they have kids. Most of these single mothers end up being disappointed after discovering they’re dating the wrong men. Imagine how painful such an experience is.

What do guys think about dating a single mom?

Most men don’t like dating single moms, all because they think dating a single mom is a waste of time as she has had a divorce in the past. This makes them think that such a relationship will not last.

Even research shows that. But that doesn’t mean all single mothers are the same in character. At least, I don’t see anything wrong with dating a woman with kids.

How do single moms start dating?

Below are some tips on how to date as a single mom.

1. Make sure you are emotionally ready for love before dating again

Dating after divorce should come when you know you are ready to find love again. As a single mom, it will be tough for you to find a potential date if you are not ready for love.

Have you healed emotionally from your previous breakup before going back to the dating pool? It is necessary to know where dating falls in your list of priorities. Don’t just jump into dating all because you’re feeling lonely.

Are you truly ready to take the risk of searching for love again? When it comes to dating and single motherhood, you should know when you are emotionally and physically fit to date again to avoid bringing up the drama in your past relationship, into your present love life.

2. Do not allow negative feelings hinder you from finding love

When you are starting to date again as a single mom, you will always have this feeling or fear of being rejected when your prospective date discovers you are a single parent. But does that really matter? Any man who truly loves you will move ahead with you even after discovering you already have a child. So, do not allow your feelings about your single motherhood to hinder you from meeting the right guy. You are about to date not because you are a loose woman (immoral). But because you deserve to love and to be loved back.

3. Tell your potential date you have kids

One of the mistakes single moms do while going back to the dating world is hiding the fact that they already have a kid or kids. I have seen many girls lose a potential date simply because they failed to reveal that secret at the beginning of the relationship.

Do not hide it from your partner that you are a single parent. But what you shouldn’t do is to tell him immediately. Allow him to fall in love with you first. And when you have realized that everything is getting serious, you can now go ahead and tell him.

5. Make your kids your first priority

Consider your kids’ feelings before any other thing. In the beginning, it may look strange to your kids seeing you with another man who is not their father. But do not take their feelings for granted. Avoid any form of affection with your potential date in their presence. Make sure you are giving them the respect they deserve as your kids.

6. Make out time to take care of yourself too

You may not have enough time for yourself as you try to balance your dating life with that of your family, but don’t forget you are also important. Do devote some time for yourself to practice self-love. Follow your dream, engage in activities that excite you, and make yourself happy.

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7. Set proper boundaries for the relationship

Setting good boundaries for the relationship, and keeping them in check will place you on a safer side. You should set boundaries on when and how long you should be meeting each other, how you should conduct yourselves especially when your kids are around, and so on. Healthy boundaries are necessary if you want to have a good relationship.

8. Avoid any form of drama with your ex-partner

You may be faced with the temptation of going back to your ex-partner to settle some issues before moving on. But that is not necessary now. Therefore, you should avoid bringing back your ex-partner into your new love life. No guy is ever ready for such dramas in a relationship.

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