How To Know When To Leave A Relationship
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How To Know When To Leave A Relationship

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Every relationship has a deal-breaker. They are the things that will cause you to decide to end a relationship. But how do you know when to leave a relationship, especially if you’re so much in love with your partner that you cannot identify some red flags in the relationship?

Falling deeply in love can blindfold you. It is capable of making you think that everything your partner does is right, without knowing that you are already in a toxic relationship.

Below are some behaviours that says it is time to quit your relationship.

When to leave a relationship

1. You’re often abused

If it has gotten to the level of abusing you emotionally, physically or sexually, then it is time to move on. An abusive relationship is not worth it. How can you remain unhappy in your relationship all in the name of love? End the relationship if you’re experiencing any form of abuse from your partner. It is not a sign of a healthy relationship.

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2. They always cheat on you

A partner who truly loves you, will avoid hurting your emotions, let alone of cheating on you.

Cheating is one of the major deal breakers in a relationship. It is said that once a cheat is always a cheat.

You should stop fighting for a relationship when you realize that your partner does not value nor respect your emotions by cheating on you. If he or she constantly has affairs, then it’s time to end the relationship. You may be saying that they’re likely to change. But, the fact is that anyone who constantly cheats on you will never stop doing that till further notice.

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3. The relationship has no positive impact on your life

Any relationship that adds no value to your life is not worth saving. You should move on if you realize that the relationship is heading nowhere. Every relationship should have a target.

It is expected of you to set some goals in your relationship. But if you are just dating with no intention or sign of commitment, then you shouldn’t continue wasting your time in the relationship.

4. You often feel worthless and inferior

The worst thing that can happen to anyone is to be reduced to nothing by their significant other.

You should quit a relationship if you feel inferior or worthless in the relationship. Every opinion you make is often taken for granted.

Your partner often intimidates you. All these are signs it’s time to break up with him/her.

5. You’re always unhappy

A sad relationship is not worth it. If you always find yourself regretting why you met your partner, it is a sign you should move away from the relationship.

It is better to remain single than to be in an unhappy relationship.

You should fight for a relationship where you have peace of mind. But should let go of the relationship that brings you pain, disappointment and destroys your self-esteem.

6. Nothing you do is ever right

Stop fighting for a relationship when you notice that everything you do is often criticized by your partner. It is a sign you are no more relevant to him/her.

The relationship is filled with fighting, quarreling, and criticism. Your partner does not listen to you, neither does he/she attend to your needs. Every little effort you make is never appreciated.

Your boyfriend or girlfriend often belittles you. It is a warning sign it’s time to quit the relationship.

7. Your family and friends do not support the relationship

A relationship your family and friends frown at is not worth it. Think about it. There must be something they’re seeing you aren’t observing.

We are often blinded by infatuation, thinking it is love. But only those outside the relationship can tell if it’s love or lust. That is why you should pay attention to parental wishes.

If your friends and family say they dislike your partner or your relationship, then they may be something they’re seeing you aren’t observing. It is necessary to listen to them.

8. You are the only one working for the success of the relationship

Fighting for a relationship all alone is a sign your partner is not so much interested in the relationship as you are. In other words, the relationship is not going to work.

You should quit the relationship if you are the only one struggling to save the relationship. It shouldn’t be so. It is equally your partner’s responsibility to invest in the relationship.

9. When you keep fighting for the same issues

A dramatic relationship drains. If you find yourself constantly fighting over unnecessary things, then it may be a sign that you are not compatible with each other. And such a warning sign calls for a quit.

It does not mean that you should end your relationship when things go wrong. Every relationship problem has a solution. But if you realize that you often fight over irrelevant things even after resolving them, then you should go on and initiate a breakup.


How to know when to leave a relationship
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