9 Hidden Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You
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9 Hidden Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You

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When you want to know if your ex is serious about the breakup, you will be looking for signs your ex is pretending to be over you. But will it be that your ex is testing you to see if you really love them? Are there possibilities that your ex will eventually come back? Read on to discover what I have for you.

Breaking up with your ex is never a smiling experience. Breakup is hard. And only those who have experienced it can tell how painful it is to end a relationship with someone you love.

Is your relationship really over or your ex is trying to pull your legs? If your relationship isn’t over that means your ex is pretending to be over you and here are signs to look out for.

Why does ex pretend to be over you?

Your ex may pretend to be over you if he or she is trying to know if you really love them and want them to return. Pretending to be over someone is one of the ways to test their love for you.

Signs your ex is pretending to be over you

1. They’re still contacting you

One major sign your ex is pretending to be over you is that they still contact you. If the relationship is really over, your ex would have moved on without calling you again. This is to enable them completely forget about you. But if they’re still getting in touch with you, they are still interested in the relationship. Maybe they’re trying to know how you will feel if they break up with you or if you truly love them.

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2. They’re acting cold and hot

Getting a mixed signal from your ex is a sign they are not really, over you. They tell you they want to go out on a date with you today, tomorrow they’re distant. They try to impress and make you happy today, tomorrow they remind you that you have both broken up. This is an ironic way they are telling you they are not over you.

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3. They get jealous

When your ex is faking the breakup, they get jealous when they see you with another person. This is a sign your ex still loves you but they’re trying to hide it. People don’t continue being jealous of you when they are over you. They will try their best to move on and be fine or happy without you.

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4. You’re still friends

Are you still friends with your ex, it is a sign your relationship is not over. Your ex would have moved on and even ended their friendship with you if they were serious about the breakup. But since you are still on good terms with them, they are pretending to have moved on.

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5. They’re still single

If your ex has finally moved on, they will start a new relationship. But if they’re still single by now, they still love you but are trying not to show it. They would have started dating someone else if they are no longer interested in you.

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6. You still hang out together

Does your ex still invite you to go on a date with them? It is a sign they are still interested but are pretending to be over you. If they are serious about the breakup, they would have distanced themselves from you but at least remain, mutual friends, if they want.

7. They still text you

Your ex is pretending to be over you if he or she still texts you to know how you’ve been. Someone who doesn’t care about you anymore will stop asking about you. So, if your ex still texts you, they are still interested but are just pretending to have moved on.

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8. Their friends still like you

Sometimes, you will know if your ex isn’t over you through their family and friends. If they still treat you well, it means they are part of the game. In other words, your relationship with your ex is not over.

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9. They flirt with you

Your ex flirting with you is a sign they still find you attractive and are not done with you, yet. Flirting with someone you broke up with is a signal that you still love them and might decide to return to them.


9 Hidden Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You
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