How To Be Happy In A Relationship
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How To Be Happy In A Relationship

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Having a happy and satisfactory relationship depends on how you define happiness in a relationship. To some, being happy in a relationship involves being with a romantic partner to having fun always. Whereas, others perceive happiness within a relationship as the state of being in a non-fighting relationship (healthy relationship) with a partner who understands and loves them unconditionally. No matter how you define happiness in a relationship, below are some tips that will help you to be strong and happy in an unhappy relationship.Read also: How to cheer someone up

How To Be Happy In A Relationship

1. Be Grateful Always

According to research, grateful people are always happy in their relationships. A couple who appreciates each other’s love always stays happy and healthy.

So, to be happy in a relationship, be appreciative of what you have. Don’t compare your relationship with that of your friends. Rather, be proud of your partner and your relationship. It will help you to stop bothering yourself over unnecessary things and remain happy.

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2. Always forgive

Another tip on how to be happy in your relationship is to be someone who forgives always. People who forgive have nothing to be sad about. Bearing grudges will not make you happy in a relationship. But having a forgiving spirit will always live you in a state of happiness even if you find yourself in a sad relationship.Read also: How to apologize to someone you love

3. Give your relationship some space

Space is very vital in every relationship. Being too emotionally attached to your partner will make you bother so much over unnecessary things like; being jealous when you ought not to, getting angry when your partner fails to pick up your call, or when they fail to call you, and other insignificant things.

When you give your partner or your relationship the amount of space it needs, it will help you to have some time for yourself and your partner, and eventually engage in activities that excite you.So, don’t be a clingy partner. Give your boyfriend, husband, wife, or girlfriend some space to miss you. It will make your relationship look more fresh and exciting.

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4. Don’t be too expectant

To have a pleasant relationship, you should learn to give more and expect less from your partner.Too many expectations can make you anxious when those needs are not met. So, to be satisfied with your relationship, expect less from your partner.

Most couples are just unsatisfied with their relationship simply because they give more and expect more than required from their partner.When those desires are not actualized, it becomes a relationship problem to deal with. Most successful relationships don’t just happen. You need to practice these four tips and see yourself in an exciting relationship.Read also: How to date yourself


It is 100% possible to be happy in a relationship if only you will learn to be grateful for what you have. Appreciate your partner’s efforts and be committed to the relationship.Happiness comes in a relationship when you learn to appreciate each other, communicate openly, give more, and expect less from each other.

You can make yourself happy in your relationship by not dwelling on the past. Learn to forgive your partner when he or she does something wrong.Without that, be ready to remain in a sad state as you continue to remember your past mistakes or that of your partner.

Happy couples have these two secrets that help them stay peaceful and happy in their relationship; forgiveness and gratitude. They are the keys to a happy relationship.

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