12 Ways To Get A Girl To Kiss You Even If She Doesn’t Want
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12 Ways To Get A Girl To Kiss You Even If She Doesn’t Want

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So, you want to make her kiss you? Read on to discover how to get a girl to kiss you even if she doesn’t want.

Getting your girl crush to kiss you isn’t that difficult. You just need a few tips to get started. And today, I will be sharing some tricks to help you get her to kiss you even before you make the first move.

Do Girls Want To Be Kissed First?

Sometimes, girls want guys to make the first move when it comes to kissing. She might show some signs that tell she wants you to kiss her, at the same time, she will be expecting you to first make a move.

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How To Get A Girl To Kiss You

1. Observe Your Environment

The first thing you should do if you want a girl to kiss you is to take note of your environment. Is it a place she can comfortably kiss you? Are you in an open place? What type of person is she (Shy or outspoken)? Knowing this will help you to know if she will accept to kiss you or not.

2. Get her in the mood

A girl will not just grab you and start kissing you if she’s not in the mood. Turn her on. You can do this by flirting with her. Make her feel attracted to you by complimenting her dress, hair, and eyes, and even touching her hair while talking to her. Do this naturally to avoid making her uncomfortable

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3. Stare at her lips

A girl will know you want a kiss if she observes you always look at her lips. Don’t just make eye contact with her but try to look at her lips especially when you’re both silent.

4. Hold eye contact with her

Do you know that holding eye contact with someone is a sign of attraction? Even research proves that.

Getting a girl to kiss you by holding eye contact with her does not work only in movies. It works in real life. So, try to look into her eyes for a long time. Look away as soon as you feel she’s a little bit nervous.

5. Compliment her lips

Women love compliments. She will know you’re interested in a kiss when you compliment her lips. Tell her she has the best lips ever and you wonder how it will feel if those lips are kissed. I’m not telling you to ask her for permission to kiss her. No! no!! no!!! Don’t ever try that. Just say something nice about her lips.

6. Touch her cheeks and smile

Consider touching her cheeks in a soft way and smiling especially when she’s smiling at you. This will make her feel admired and ready to allow you to kiss her.

7. Draw closer to her

You have to make sure there’s no gap between you and her. Try to make your body touch her own. By doing this, you’re trying to make her feel aroused. That is the only thing that will make her kiss you. Research shows that most women will want to kiss a guy first before having sex with him. So, she will kiss you as soon as she gets that sexual feeling for you.

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8. Make sure you’re attractive

A girl will not even dream about kissing you if she doesn’t find you attractive. Make sure you’re putting on the nice cloth when going on a date with her. Also, make sure your mouth smells good. This will create more rooms for her to kiss you.

9. Ask her if she has had a kiss before

You don’t have to just jump into asking her this question. Consider asking her when you’re doing a random question game. This will also suggest to her that you want a kiss and she will definitely give you that if she likes you. Another reason why you should ask this question is to know if she has had a kissing experience in the past. This will give you some insights on h

10. Hug her

You can do this when she’s about to leave. Don’t just let her go without giving her a romantic hug. Hugging her shows you really find her attractive. Do not just hug her and leave. While you’re hugging her, follow the next step below.

11. Kiss her on her forehead

The next thing you should do is kiss her on her forehead. This is a sign you admire her. Here are different types of kisses and their meanings. When you’ve done this, don’t let her go. Follow this final step.

12. Be confident and kiss her

By the time you’ve followed all the steps I mentioned earlier, she must have developed feelings for you. Remember I told you earlier that girls want guys to make the first move when it comes to kissing? After kissing her forehead, still, hold her head, and look straight into her eyes. By then she might be wondering ‘what is this guy up to?

After looking straight into her eyes, be confident and kiss her, gently. If she doesn’t resist, then these tricks worked. But if she does, don’t give up. Keep doing them until she falls in love with you. When she has finally done that, kissing you will no longer be a problem for her.

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12 Ways to get a girl to kiss you even if she doesn't want
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