8 Signs You’re a Clingy Girlfriend and what to do
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8 Signs You’re a Clingy Girlfriend and what to do

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Are you a clingy girlfriend in a relationship? Find out today.

Lasting relationships do not entirely depend on your own efforts. You might think that the more you give and the more you try to control things, the better the results. But have you considered that maybe less is indeed more in some cases? You should learn to apply this rule, even when it comes down to romantic relationships.

If your friends have also pointed out that you might be too over the top and clingy, there’s even more reason for concern. Being needy is often a reason for men to want to get out of a relationship. So, if you suspect this might be the case for you, take these tips into account before jumping into your next relationship.

8 Signs of a Clingy Girlfriend

1. You want to spend all your time with him

Are you trying to keep your boyfriend all to yourself? Do you only feel happy and secure when he is around? It’s one thing when you are still in the first months of dating, but it is no longer normal behavior when this develops into a habitual state. 

Your guy needs his own space, as do you. Trying to build a world for just the two of you while cutting everyone out is not healthy. And, it is often a sign you are too needy and relying on him too much.

2. You often get depressed without him

When you share many hobbies, you involuntarily end up spending more time together with your man. Overall, that is a good thing. You don’t want your boyfriend to have nothing in common with you. However, if you feel depressed whenever he is not with you, that becomes an issue. 

You need to learn to be without him and have your own activities outside the ones you share with him. Maintain your social life and don’t neglect family and friends.

Here are the ways to cope with depression in a relationship.

3. You quickly become jealous

A certain amount of jealousy is normal and unavoidable in a relationship. But when you can’t stand the sight of your boyfriend even talking to another female, it becomes something else. Imposing strict rules regarding his interactions with other women or considering it as cheating is a bar above normal jealousy. 

Your insecurity is most likely causing your need to be the only woman in your man’s life, which is practically impossible. You need to address this issue if you want a healthy relationship.

4. You always text him first

Do you find yourself texting or calling him like crazy when he is not around? You might tell yourself that this is normal when you miss someone, but there are limits for everything. If you contact him first and he does not respond straight away, but you keep texting him like crazy, it can become overwhelmingly suffocating. 

The same thing applies to whatever means of contact you use to seek his attention. Try to curve these impulses if you want your relationship to last.

5. You monitor his activity

Having your moments of curiosity regarding his past relationships is a given. At times you might feel insecure about your man’s previous women and seek some form of reassurance from him. But don’t go overboard and start obsessing over this matter. 

If you find yourself snooping through his phone or other social media accounts, you’ve gone way too far. Stop that at once and reflect on your behavior. Trust is essential in any relationship, and this is not the way to build it.

6. You always seek his reassurance

You want your man to be on the same wavelength and agree with the decisions you make – that’s a given. However, you should know that it’s impossible to agree on everything. And some things you simply need to decide for yourself, no matter the outcome. 

If you appeal to your boyfriend every time you feel insecure about yourself, you will become overly-dependent on him. You need to take charge of your own person in life.

7. You try to accommodate him too much

Do you spend a lot of time worrying that your guy will leave you if you don’t please him? Do you put in a lot of effort to avoid any displeasure on his side? Doing everything in your power to prevent imagined threats is not natural. It will not guarantee happiness and stability in a relationship. If anything, it’s building a fake world and a fake relationship.

Many of my patients find this clinginess level normal, but it’s often a serious issue related to separation anxiety. You need to address this problem if you want to be happy with your man.

8. You rush your relationships

Do you tend to rush your partner into moving things too quickly in your relationship? While it might not seem out of the ordinary to you, this is often a sign that you are too needy. Be it wanting to move in together soon after hooking up or any other serious commitment, try to slow down a bit. You should ponder on why you feel the need to do these things before acting. 

This type of attitude can easily scare your boyfriend off. Instead of growing closer, you can end up obtaining the opposite effect. It can also have a detrimental impact on you and how you manage your own life.

It’s hard to fight your instincts and change your beliefs of what a relationship should be like. It takes a lot of effort on your part, patience, and introspection. What might seem like innocent behavior to you can often turn out to be disastrous for your romantic relationship. And, even worse, for your own emotional and mental health.

Next time you are accused of being too clingy, try to take a step back and look at the situation from a different angle. Use these steps as a guideline on how to avert future mishaps created by needy behavior and avert unwanted harm. With perseverance and dedication, you are bound to obtain positive results in time.

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