How To Help A Friend Through A Breakup
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How To Help A Friend Through A Breakup

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What are friends for if not to offer support in time of need? It pains to see your best friend feeling depressed because they just broke up with their ex. Nevertheless, here’s a way you can help a friend going through a breakup.

Breakup experience can be devastating. You never can tell the trauma associated with losing a loved one until you experience it.

A broken-hearted friend can have a sleepless night, feel so emotionally low, cry often, and feel unhappy. All these feelings come while they’re still in the stages of grieving their lost relationship.

The fact is that you can’t tell if your friend is missing their ex, or they still have feelings for their ex. But the only way to assist them to heal faster is to be there for them.

So, if you’re looking for a way to be a good friend during a friend’s breakup, here’s a good piece of relationship advice you can give a close friend going through a breakup to comfort them.

Whether you’re in a long-distance friendship with your friend, or that you want to help him or her over the text, do the following:

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How to help a friend through a breakup

Do the following to help your broken-hearted guy friend or female friend to recover from a breakup.

1.Cheer them up by telling them positive words.

Your broken-hearted friend may need nothing more than words of encouragement from you in order to heal.

So, consider cheering your friend up. Make them realize why they shouldn’t feel so bad about their ex or the breakup. Although, they have every reason to feel depressed but make them know that the breakup isn’t the end of their life.

To cheer them up, say the following words to them:

  • Do not feel bad, buddy! This is not the end of your life
  • Some people are meant to stay, while some are meant to go
  • Those who truly love you will stay, but those that are not meant for you will find a reason to go
  • Life comes with a good and bad experience, but I’m always here for you
  • No one has the right to make you feel bad, except you permit them.

Another way to make your friend happy while they’re still hurting is to get them some inspirational books that will lift their broken soul.

You can also help your friend recover from the breakup trauma by making them listen to other people’s breakup stories and how they recovered.

Whether you’re considering sending them motivational quotes over the text, or when you meet them, the most important thing is to drop some positive comments that will lift their soul.

Do not say bad things about their ex while they’re still trying to heal. It will make them feel more bad about themselves, their ex, and the breakup.

Also, avoid comparing your relationship with theirs. Instead, make them realize that the relationship failed not simply because they are bad, or don’t know how to love.

Words are powerful. And you should mind or know how to use them for edification.

Faith comes by hearing. So, you can make your friend regain hope by simply telling them nice words.

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2. Be there for them especially when they need you most

Breakup brings loneliness. So, the only assistance your friend needs now is someone to talk to. Make yourself available to them.

Give your friend the opportunity to express their feelings to you before you conclude. And make sure you don’t victimize them or blame them for the breakup.

Even if you’ve warned them before about their relationship or their ex, this is not the right time to bring the matter to the table.

For now, all you should do is to make yourself available to your friend. If they’re having a problem eating as a result of the breakup, go to them and comfort them.

Ask them to know if there’s anything you can help them do. If it is helping them prepare a meal, then you should consider doing that for them.

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3. Understand your limits

While trying to assist your friend to recover from heartbreak, remember to set some boundaries for yourself in order to maintain a good health also.

Helping a friend who is going through a breakup does not mean you will always be around them. It doesn’t mean you will always visit them. You have to set some time for yourself to avoid stressing out yourself.

4. If they need further assistance, Help them find a good therapist

Recovering from breakup is never easy at all. If your friend needs further assistance, like they find it difficult to eat, sleep or have a rest, then you should help them find a therapist.

A therapist is more professional than you are. Therefore, helping them find a good psychologist will help them deal with their current emotional state.

What do you say to a friend going through a break up?

Below are what to say to your best friend after a breakup:

  • Everything shall be alright
  • This is not the end of the road
  • Remember, your tomorrow shall be greater than your today
  • Stop crying, the one who truly loves you will come, and they will stay.
  • The relationship failed not because you are bad, but because you are not meant to live together.
  • Is okay! God has a better plan for you
  • A broken relationship is never a broken life. Therefore, refuse to be depressed.
  • Crying or refusing to eat will not bring back your ex. Prove to them that you can stay without them.
  • Happiness is a choice. Therefore, do not allow anyone deprive that from you.
  • Life comes in two different phases-the good and the bad. But remember, weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.
  • Be courageous
  • Never loose hope.
  • Everything will be all right.
  • One who knows your worth will soon locate you.
  • Move on with your life.
  • I’m here for you.
  • Is there anything I can help you with?
  • I don’t know how bad you feel right now, but I know you deserve something better.
  • Your ex has dumped you, but I’m still here for you and will never forsake you.
  • Take it easy, you are going to be all right.
  • Your ex made a very big mistake by dumping you

Funny words to say to a friend after a breakup

  • Your broken heart is not a plate, you can still fix it back.
  • For everyone with a broken heart, there’s a glue gun for it.
  • Do not cry because your ex dumped you, be happy because they’re somebody’s else problem now

Questions to ask a friend after a breakup

Below are some nice questions to ask your friend going through a breakup.

  • Did your ex say why they decided to breakup with you?
  • Do you think you’re both compatible?
  • How do you feel about your ex?
  • Is there anything I can help you with?
  • Do you mind if we visit a therapist to help you?
  • Do you think your ex truly loved you in the first place?
  • Why do you feel like there’s no hope for you anymore?
  • Do you think you can stay without them?


Breakup sucks. Anyone that has had a heartbreak in the past, can testify how ugly the experience looks.

Friendship is one of the most important thing in life. No one can survive without associating or interacting with family, friends, and family members.

One of the essence of having friends is to offer support and receive one in time of needs. That is why you will never feel good seeing a friend going through a difficult situation without helping them.


So, when next you see your friend going through a bad breakup experience, do the following to help them out.

  1. Cheer them up by telling them positive words.
  2. Be there for them especially when they need you most.
  3. Do not forget you have some boundaries
  4. If they need further assistance, help them find a good therapist.
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