10 Simple Ways To Make A Man Chase You
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10 Simple Ways To Make A Man Chase You

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To keep a man interested and committed to you in this modern world of dating, you must master how to make him chase you.

Men love chasing a woman they want, especially if they’re madly in love with you. But how do you go about with this chasing game to avoid losing him?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve chased him before, or that you’ve had sex with him in the past. If you’re looking for a strategy to make him start chasing you again using male psychology, here are 10 ways you can make a guy chase you.

How to make a man chase you

1. Don’t be too easy to woo

A man will try harder to get your attention if he feels you’re a little bit hard to get. That is when he will start chasing you. But if you appear to be less expensive or easy to woo, he will not chase you.

Promise to give him your number when he asks for it, but not right away. Accept to go on a date with him, but disappoint him when it’s time. Apologize and tell him that something very important came up. This will make him chase you.

2. Be irresistible to him

Being physically attractive to a man can make him chase you. Men are attracted to what they see.

Apart from physical attraction, men equally love confident women. Be assertive when you’re having a conversation with him.

Feel free to disagree with him. You’re not yet his girlfriend, so he won’t get angry. Rather, he will try hard to win your heart so that you will become his girlfriend.

3. Be unpredictable

A man will want you more if he can’t predict your actions.

He will get confused when you act like you’re so much in love with him today, and behave indifferently the next day. Play hot and cold with him. Act as if he has finally gotten your attention, and act differently the next day.

This will make him pursue you, just to make sure you’re interested or not. I have experienced this once or twice in my life and I know how it feels like a man. Let him keep guessing whether you love him or not. It will make him put more effort to get your attention.

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4. Spend less time with him

Give him your full attention in the beginning. But as time goes on, pretend to be too busy, but don’t forget to apologize to him.

If you’ve been chatting with him for a while, take a little break. Stop going online for a while to make him miss your presence and your sweet texts.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Your absence will make him desire you more.

Give him some space to think about you and miss you. Don’t be too clingy to a man if you want him to start chasing you.

5. Flirt with him

Make him fall deeply in love with you by flirting with him. This will make him chase you badly, whenever he remembers how you make him feel.

Men keep pondering on every conversation they had with a girl. If he keeps remembering your sweet voice, romantic texts, and how amazing you are, then he will start chasing after you.

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6. Don’t chase him

A lot of women make the mistake of chasing a man they want.

They’re times when a man will act as if he’s no more interested just to know your reaction. I am a man and I’m writing from my personal experience.

Don’t start chasing him when this happens. Showing him how much you love and care for him will only make you lose the game.

Be cool and nice to him, but avoid being desperate to have him. If he discovers you’re willing to offer anything just to attract him, he will stop chasing you if he has been pursuing you before.

7. Don’t have sex with him

Having sex with him on your first date will not keep him. Rather, it will be very easy for him to abandon you any day, any time, not to think of trying to woo you or chase you.

Avoid having sex with him right away. He will want you more if he’s not getting what he wants from you, especially if he’s after your body.

8. Make him feel he’s in charge

Let him feel like he’s in control of the relationship. But it doesn’t mean you’re not going to disagree with him on certain things or take part in decision-making.

Just make him feel the masculinity in him by boosting his ego.

Allow him to be in charge of the relationship, but don’t allow him to control you. This will make him invest more in making the relationship work and do anything to avoid losing you.

9. Don’t often reply to his texts

If you want a guy to chase you on text or online, engage in a deep conversation with him, but pull back after a while.

Reply to his texts on time if you’re still trying to know each other. After a while, start replying lately.

Allow him to wait for some minutes or hours before getting any response from you. This will make him go crazy (get into you) and chase you badly.

10. Make him join the competition

Make him realize that he’s not the only one coming after you. They’re a lot of guys waiting in the queue just to get your attention.

When he has this at the back of his mind, he will pursue you with all his strength just to be the winner. But if you act like you’re available to any guy that is interested in dating you, he won’t bother to chase you.

When a guy decides to chase a woman, all he’s trying to achieve is to get her attention and win her heart. So, make him put in his possible best to see that he wins the game. This will make him become obsessed with you and run after you.

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