How To Fix A Broken Relationship Without A Therapist
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How To Fix A Broken Relationship Without A Therapist

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How can I fix my broken relationship?

When love, trust and communication disappear in a relationship, there is a high chance of the Relationship being broken down irreparably. There is no relationship without crisis. But does that mean you can’t mend a broken relationship?

Follow these tips to repair your broken relationship.

How to fix a broken Relationship

How to Fix a Broken Relationship

To make your relationship work again, adopt the following approaches.

  • Discover the problem
  • Dialogue with your partner
  • Apologize to each other
  • Forgive and forget
  • Build Trust Again
  • Let Love Lead

1. Discover the Problem

The first step to fixing any broken Relationship is to discover the root problem.

A Doctor cannot treat a patient without diagnosing him/her first to discover the nature of the illness. So it is when it comes to repairing a broken relationship.

First, discover why your relationship couldn’t succeed or is falling apart. It may be a result of trust issues in the relationship or even poor communication skills. Whatever it may be, all that matters is to discover the cause of the breakup which is the root problem before you move on to the next step below.

2. Dialogue with your Partner

Adopting a good communication skills is the 2nd step to take in other to fix a broken relationship.

Now you’ve discovered the problem in your relationship, it is time to settle down and discuss the matter with your partner.

Your main aim in discussing the issues should be to resolve the problem and not to blame your partner.

Communicate as a couple does when they’re newly married.

Let’s assume that your relationship ended as a result of infidelity or breach of trust. And you know you still love your partner, then it’s time to settle the matter. Ask them to tell you the reasons why they decided to cheat on you.

“In relationships, communication allows to you explain to someone else what you are experiencing and what your needs are. The act of communicating not only helps to meet your needs, but it also helps you to be connected in your relationship” says Better Health.

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3. Apologize to each other

The word ‘I am sorry is a very powerful word that heals injuries.

After discussing with your partner in other to rebuild your broken relationship, the next thing to do is to apologize to him/her if you’re at fault.

Don’t just say ‘I am sorry to fulfil all righteousness. Say it out and mean it.

If possible, kneel before your partner to show them how serious you are with what you’re saying. An apology is very important.

“Apologizing helps repair relationships by getting people talking again, and makes them feel comfortable with each other again”. Says Very Well Mind.

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4. Forgive and forget

You cannot fix a broken relationship without forgiveness.

Your partner has apologized to you. What do you do? Should you go on and forgive them or not?

Of course! you have to forgive them. To err is human and to forgive is divine.

Just know that there is no perfection in humans. And for the sake of your relationship, accept their apology and let go of the past.

“It’s important to accept that we all have separate minds and points of view. Each and every one of us is hurt, defended, flawed and inevitably going to make mistakes” Says Psychalive

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5. Build Trust Again

When a relationship is falling apart, you tend to stop trusting each other.

To restore your fallen relationship to a normal or healthy state, you need to build trust again.

Change your lifestyle or bad habits that contributed to the breakup. If you’ve been lying to your partner in the past or cheating on them, it’s time to stop it. Honesty is very important in every healthy relationship

Start living a new life that will make your partner develop confidence in you.

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6. Let Love Lead

Fixing a broken relationship can be possible if you allow love to lead.

Love is the ultimate thing in every healthy relationship. Love is capable of turning a toxic relationship into a healthy one. To restore a fallen relationship, you need to learn how to love your partner. Express your love to them at all times.


Rebuilding a doomed relationship requires some strategies. Fixing a relationship after breaking up can be done using the 6 methods discussed above.

The major way to settle any problem is to discover the problem. Discover what is wrong in your relationship. Dialogue with your partner, apologize to them, forgive each other, build trust again and let love lead.

When a relationship ties apart, it requires some effort from the couple to fix and make the relationship wax strong again. So, adopt the 6 methods discussed above and revive your dead relationship.

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