How To Get A Girl To Like You Even If She Doesn’t
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How To Get A Girl To Like You Even If She Doesn’t

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The first thing is to develop feelings for her, but the difficult part is to make her like you back. So, how do you get a girl to like you?

In this post, you are going to see the 9 ways to make a girl like you even if she doesn’t. So, if you are looking for a way to attract her and make her your girlfriend, you are in the right place.

Girls are not too hard to impress as you thought. All you need is to apply some techniques while trying to woo her.

She will not just wake up one day and fall in love with you. If you want her to start crushing on you, then follow these techniques:

How To Get A Girl To Like You

1. Improve your life

The first way to get a girl to like you is to improve your life. Develop your talents. It will attract her.

For instance, if you have the voice to sing, participate in a show where she will notice you.

That is the only way to be different from other guys if you want to win the game.

Everyone wants to be with someone who has something to offer. So, if you are talented, show her your skills. It will definitely impress her.

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How to get a girl to like you

2. Start With A Friendship:

Every healthy relationship starts with a friendship.

No girl will ever wake up one day and fall in love with you. Except you are a magician. You must start somewhere.

If you want to get her faster, even if she doesn’t like you, befriend her. Be nice to her and establish that friendship first.

I know you’ve been crushing on her. But the only way to get her interested is to be her friend first.

Most romantic relationships transited from platonic friendship to a romantic relationships. Believe it or leave it. There are no two ways about it.

If you are not friends already, how do you initiate that friendship?

  • Help her solve some of her problems. For instance, if she is your colleague at work or your schoolmate, help her resolve some issues bordering her.
  • Make her feel special on her birthday. For instance, wish her a happy birthday by posting her picture on your timeline and tagging her. She will start to notice you if she had not been observing you for a while.

3. Allow Her to be herself:

Most guys make this costly mistake.

You are crushing on a girl and you want her to like you back, but you keep on disturbing her. How then do you expect her to fall in love with you?

If you have been disturbing her with the aim to attract her, then it’s high time you stopped. You are only chasing her away.

Make her feel relaxed or comfortable with you. That she smiles at you doesn’t mean she is in love with you yet.

She may just be thinking to know if you are actually the right guy for her. So, the more you try to get her by all means, the more she will withdraw from you.

4. Improve your appearance:

Your dressing matters to girls.

Improve your dressing and hygiene. No girl will ever like to date a dirty guy who doesn’t take care of himself.

So, if you don’t dress properly, you won’t get her to like you.

Improve your appearance. If you are trying to approach her for the first time, make sure you are cute. Iron your clothes, and make sure you brush your teeth to avoid embarrassment. You know what I mean by that (bad breath).

5. Be Honest With Her:

A girl will not fall in love with you if she sees you as a player in disguise.

So, how do you win her heart? Be honest with her.

It doesn’t mean you will tell her everything. No!

Some things are meant to be confidential. But if you want to get her to like you, then you have to win her trust.

Don’t play with her feelings. The moment she discovers you are not serious with her, she will think you are a playboy.

6. Have a Good Sense of Humour

No one is an island.

Girls fall in love with guys who make them happy. So, who are you?

Do you have the ability to make her laugh? If so, then you can make her fall in love with you.

Just show off your sense of humour.

If you don’t have the ability to crack jokes, then you can browse the internet for one.

Don’t be an overzealous or serious guy. Always approach her with a smile. Be gentle with her and let your good sense of humour speak for you.

7. Approach her with confidence:

Another way to get a girl you like is to approach her with confidence.

A Girl will hardly fall in love with you if you are not sure of yourself or your feelings.

So, don’t be talkative. Let your confidence do the talking.

I strongly believe that the moment you have the courage to pursue a particular thing, you will surely win. So, build your confidence before approaching her.

8. Surprise her most of the time:

According to research, girls like surprises.

The more you surprise her, the more she will start to develop feelings for you.

There are many ways to surprise a girl. For instance:

  • Give her an unexpected birthday gift
  • Offer her a flower on Valentine’s day, etc.

If you are still doubting the power of gifts or surprises, check it yourself.

How do you feel when a friend surprises you, especially on a special day?

To me, I will say “Wow! Thank you so much.” But the truth is that I will keep thinking about you for the whole day.

So, if you want a girl to like you back, surprise her. Give her a flower on Valentine’s day or a birthday gift on her birthday.

9. Compliment her

A nice compliment from you can go a long way to make her start thinking about you. There is power in spoken words.

When you compliment a girl, you are indirectly telling her that you like her. There are some compliments women find irresistible. I am not saying it just to flatter you. It is true.

How do you feel when a girl commends your dressing? Do you feel somehow? Maybe special? That is to show that compliments are capable of affecting your feelings.

So, do not ignore the power of compliments. If you are the type that finds it difficult to say nice things to people, here are a few suggestions for you.


9 ways to get a girl to like you even if she doesn't

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