10 Ways To Invest In Yourself And Make Your Life More Meaningful
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10 Ways To Invest In Yourself And Make Your Life More Meaningful

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Investing in yourself is the best decision you can ever make to better your life. Personal growth and self-improvement begin when we realize that our life is the greatest investment we can ever make. Keep reading to get some ideas on how to invest in yourself and make your life more meaningful.

Personal investment is the highest investment ever. Whatever you give your time, money and efforts to make your life better lasts longer than what somebody else did for you. But what does it mean to invest in yourself by the way?

What does it mean to invest in yourself?

To invest in oneself simply means to put in your efforts, money, time and resources together to improve your life and make it worth living. People who invest in themselves make their life a priority by putting in much effort to give their life the best they can.

The importance of investing in yourself

Ever wondering why it is necessary you invest in your life? Here are some merits thereof.

  • You’re your highest commodity
  • To make life easier for you
  • To be more meaningful in the society (we all need you)
  • Great accomplishments and self-satisfaction, etc.

How To Invest In Yourself

1. Read More Books

Knowledge is power. The world is advancing and very soon, only the wealthy and the intelligent ones will be the rulers. The best way to invest in yourself is to read educational books. Reading helps you to explore the mind of different great authors and travel to different continents you’ve never been to while sitting or lying in your bed. Isn’t that incredible?

Challenge yourself to read books every day. Get new ones when you’re done reading the ones you have and keep doing that. You will be surprised how you will drastically change your mindset and develop a positive attitude for success.

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2. Learn new skills

Learning is constant. You only stop learning when you are dead. Another idea I have for you on how to invest in yourself is to learn new skills. Aren’t you tired of doing things the same way and getting the same result? Come on! You need to advance. This change will only occur when you try something new. So, why not learn new skills? There are a lot of things you can learn every day. If you don’t have the money to purchase a course, why not go to Youtube and Google? These two platforms have made e-learning easier for everyone that has a smartphone. So, consider learning new skills or ways of doing things every day. This is another idea on how to invest in yourself.

3. Invest in others

You might be wondering how does investing in others has to do with investing in yourself? To be frank, the best way to get to the top and remain there is to lift others. When you fall or about to, they will also lift you up. So, consider investing in others by helping them when they’re in need, especially young ones. They will never forget your good works because one good turn deserves another.

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4. Attend seminars and workshops

This days, you don’t need to travel from place to place to attend seminars. Thanks to the internet for making everything easier for us. Youtube, Facebook, Podcast and GOOGLE Hangout are there for you. Invest in yourself by listening to podcasts, motivational preaching or seminars to enhance your knowledge and skills. This version of you will not do wonders unless it is transformed. And the only possible way to get this transformation is by renewing your mind by listening to inspirational messages or podcasts to gain more knowledge and expertise in your field of work.

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5. Build your spiritual life

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Christian or not. Your spiritual life should be one of your priorities. Invest in it by engaging in spiritual activites like attending fellowships, reading your bible or koran, fasting, and winning souls. By doing this, you are strengthening your spiritual man. If you’re weak spiritually, you will definitely not be strong physically.

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6. Work on your bad habits

If there is anything you should invest in, it should be working seriously on your bad habits. Bad habits can hinder your productivity. Work on those habits that seem to be encumbrances to your self-improvement journey. For instance, the habit of sleeping too much, being lazy and procrastinating, eating too much, not being serious with your life, addiction, etc. If you don’t deal with these habits now, your personal investment journey will be nothing but a waste of time, efforts, and resources.

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7. Take care of your happiness and your health

The time, effort and resources you invest in making yourself happy and healthier is never a waste. Haven’t you heard that your health is your wealth? Invest in yourself by dealing with things that make you unhappy and unhealthy. They’re capable of destroying you one day if you fail to tackle them.

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8. Start up a small business

You don’t need to be a millionaire to set up your own business. Even as a student or a teenager, they’re a lot of businesses you can venture into. Invest in yourself by establishing a small business for your daily up keep. You can invest in online businesses like E-commerce, blogging, Youtubing, etc. All these are self-investments that will drastically change your life.

9. Work on improving your talents

Everyone is endowered with natural abilities to do certain things. Those abilities are your talents. Focus on improving them. For instance, if you can sing, work on your voice until you become a professional singer. If you can write books, invest in reading other people’s books until you master the act of writing. Whatever your talents are, invest more of your time and energy in improving them. By doing this, you’re investing in yourself.

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10. Start saving for the future

The final investment you can make for yourself is to plan for your future. Start saving for the later days ahead. Stop spending money on frivolities or irrelevant things. Plan your future ahead and start working towards it. All these are personal investments you can start today to improve your life.


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