9 Ways to Make Him Wet Over Text
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9 Ways to Make Him Wet Over Text

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Do you know you can turn your man on with just simple text messages? Read on to learn how to make him wet over text.

Turning a guy on over text is something that requires you to be strategic. Starting from your choice of words, timing, and your ability to create a mental picture that will seem so real to him.

Below are tips that will help you make a guy get sexually aroused the next time you are chatting with him over text.

How to make him wet over text

1. Choose the Right Time and Place

Timing is everything when it comes to sending seductive texts. You want to make sure that your man is in the right frame of mind to fully appreciate and reciprocate your texts. Avoid sending steamy messages when he is busy or preoccupied. Late evenings or when you know he has some downtime are ideal for setting the mood.

Pro Tip: Send a quick text to gauge his availability before diving into the spicy conversation. “Are you busy right now?”

2. Boost His Confidence with Compliments

Making your man feel desired and attractive is a surefire way to get him in the mood. Compliment his physical appearance, his skills, and anything that turns you on about him. Let him know that he has the power to arouse you and ignite your deepest desires.

Example: “You looked incredibly sexy in that shirt last night. I can’t stop thinking about how good you looked.”

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3. Set the Stage with Emojis

Emojis can be a playful and suggestive way to set the mood without being too explicit. Use emojis with secondary sexual meanings to convey your intentions and desires. The right combination of emojis can speak volumes and leave him eagerly anticipating your next move.

Pro Tip: Emojis like the eggplant (🍆), taco (🌮), peach (🍑), or tongue (👅) can add a touch of playfulness to your texts.

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4. Tease and Build Anticipation

Building anticipation is an essential part of seductive texting. Instead of diving straight into explicit details, start by dropping hints and teasing him with subtle suggestions. Mention a dream you had about him or how his mere presence drives you wild. The key is to create a sense of longing and desire that will make him crave you even more.

Example: “I had the hottest dream about you last night. It’s been on my mind all day. 😉”

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5. Transition to Explicit Texts

Once you have built up enough tension and anticipation, it’s time to take things to the next level. The transition from flirty to explicit texts leaves little to the imagination. Be clear about your intentions and let him know exactly what you want.

Example: “I have a confession: I want you. Right now.”

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6. Explore His Desires

To keep the momentum going, involve him in the conversation by asking about his desires. Discover what he wants to do with you and encourage him to share his fantasies. This not only keeps the conversation engaging but also helps you understand his deepest desires and turn-ons.

Example: “What do you wish I was doing to you right now?”

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7. Paint a Sensual Picture

To make his imagination run wild, describe in vivid detail what you want to do with him and what you want him to do to you. Engage his senses by describing the clothes you’re wearing or the scenario you want to create together. The more detailed and specific you are, the more he can visualize and immerse himself in the experience.

Example: “Imagine us in a candlelit bath, our bodies entwined, exploring each other’s desires.”

8. Use The Power of Visual Stimulation

Visual stimulation can be incredibly arousing. Consider sending him suggestive photos that highlight specific parts of your body, like your lips, neck, or thighs. Choose flattering angles and ensure good lighting to create an alluring and captivating image.

Pro Tip: Photos don’t have to be explicit to be sexy. A photo of you in a flattering outfit or lingerie can leave a lasting impression.

9. Reminisce and Rekindle

If you have shared intimate moments together in the past, bring them up in your texts. Remind him of the passionate encounters you’ve had and the things that turned you on. By reigniting those memories, you can spark his desire and make him yearn for more.

Example: “Remember the time we [insert steamy experience]? I can’t stop thinking about doing it again.”


Remember, effective seductive texting is all about finding the right balance between being suggestive and respectful. Respect each other’s boundaries and always prioritize consent. With these tips in your arsenal, you can unleash your seductive power and make him wet over text like never before. So go ahead, get creative, and let your words ignite the flames of desire in your partner’s heart.

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How to make him wet over text
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