10 Crazy Ways To Flirt With A Guy Over Text
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10 Crazy Ways To Flirt With A Guy Over Text

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Do you know how to flirt with someone? I guess you’ve not come across these 10 crazy ways to flirt with a guy over text. Continue reading to get the best tips I have for you about flirting.

Sending a guy flirty text messages can completely melt his heart and attract him more. You don’t have to allow another girl to charm the guy you have a crush on. You need to seduce a guy with words to get him obsessed with you. Men tend to find women they are sexually attracted to, more irresistible than girls they just have a crush on. But why is it necessary to flirt with a guy?

Why you should flirt with a guy over text

Flirting with a guy is a sign you are charming and fun to be with. Guys love girls who make them feel like men by triggering their emotions. When you flirt with a guy, you are indirectly letting him know you like him.

Most girls don’t know that men are mostly attracted to what they see. That is why, there are certain things girls do that are the biggest turn-offs for guys, simply because they are visually stimulated. In other words, you can melt a guy’s heart through the texts you send to him online.

Without taking much of your time, let’s get started on how to flirt with a guy over text.

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How to flirt with a guy over text

Do you want to make a guy go crazy about you? Or even make him never stop thinking about you? Here are crazy ways to flirt with guys over text.

10 Crazy Ways To Flirt With A Guy Over Text

1. Tell him he has sexy eyes

One way to flirt with a guy over text is to tell him something nice about his eyes. You can start by telling him he has sexy eyes that charm you every day. This compliment will blow his mind and make him want you more. Check out my previous post about what guys want to hear.

2. Tell him he turns you on

If you’re not sure how to flirt with a guy online, this one is for you. Tell a guy that he turns you on. This is a flirty text no guy will ever resist. Also, this is a great way to play with his imagination. He will start to imagine doing all manner of things with you.

3. Be dirty with him

Flirting with someone is all about making them realize you are sexually attracted to them but in a playful way. How do you do this with your boyfriend or a guy crush? Talk dirty with him. But you shouldn’t just send a guy dirty texts without first, knowing the type of person he is. In other words, start with the two tips above to see his reaction. If he plays along with you, then go ahead and send him whatever you want to.

4. Tease him

Do you know you can tease a guy over the text and make him feel more attracted to you? You can tease a guy over the text by being ironic. Tell him something hurtful but in a playful way. If he doesn’t take offense, your flirting game is working on him.

5. Give him a nickname

Guys love pet names like girls do. Your guy crush does not have to be your boyfriend before you give him a nickname. In fact, nicknaming even works more when he has not become your boyfriend. So, start by calling him funny names, and then proceed to romantic nicknames.

6. Be funny

You can follow the above tips but if you are not funny, you cannot charm a guy over text. Another flirting technique you can use on a guy over the text is to be funny. Tell him something funny to make him laugh. You can be the only person that often brings a smile to his face, every day, morning, or night. And the only way to achieve this is to be funny over text. Try to not be a dry texter to keep a guy interested in you.

7. Ask questions

Instead of asking a guy about his day or how he is doing? Try to ask funny questions like, How is your family, wife, and children? This is not only a way to flirt with a guy but also a way of asking him if he’s single and that you’re interested in him. Here are ideas on what to ask a guy.

8. Be mysterious to him

Do you know that being unpredictable to a guy is a flirting scheme? But how do you achieve this? By doing things he never expected from you. For instance, sending him a love emoji, flower emoji, or kisses instead of saying goodbye to him. Think! There are other mysterious things you can do for him.

9. Tell him you want to take him out

One thing a guy will do if he receives this kind of text from a girl is to smile. But you’re not being ridiculous here. Although it may sound funny, you’re trying to tell him you’re attracted to him. And I put it to you that if he likes you, he will ask you for a date.

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10. Leave sweet memories behind

The final step I have for you is to leave a good memory behind. The memory you leave behind after chatting with a guy will determine if he will text you again or not. So, don’t just flirt with him but create a good impression about yourself. That is what will make him come back to you.


10 Crazy ways to flirt with a guy over text

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