20 Things Girls Do That Are Biggest Turn-Offs For Guys
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20 Things Girls Do That Are Biggest Turn-Offs For Guys

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Do you know they’re certain things girls do that are major turn-offs for guys? Read on to discover what turns guys off on a date or in a relationship.

Turn-offs are those things that cause someone to feel bored, disgusted, or sexually repelled. It is important you identify these turn-offs to save your relationship and keep a guy interested in you. Below are some to look out for.

Turn-offs for guys

1. Being too demanding

It is normal to ask a guy for a favour, either financial or other material needs. But overdoing this is a great turn-off for guys. Guys don’t like girls who are too demanding. They find this behaviour so repulsive. Although they may not decline your requests or even complain, they will gradually pull away from you when they notice this unattractive behaviour in you.

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2. Bad smell

Bad hygiene causes body odour and bad breath and this is another great turn-off for guys. Let me share this secret with you. The first thing we, guys observe in girls when we first meet them is how they smell. We take note of this when you pass in front of us. We do this to know if you really take care of yourself. In other words, guys are attracted to girls who smell good.

3. Playing too hard to get

It is good to play hard to get but too much of it turns guys off. You should only do that when you want to make a guy chase you but make sure you’re not overdoing it to avoid turning him off.

4. Dwelling in the past

Guys hate it when a girl can’t let go of the past. For instance, repeating the same matter even after settling everything. Another example is repeatedly reminding him of his past mistakes and your inability to let go of your ex or your past relationship. This turns guys off.

5. Complaining

There is nothing wrong with complaining to a guy about the things you don’t like, but be careful if you’re doing this often. It turns men off.

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6. Talking too much

Naturally, girls are talkative. But guys hate girls who talk about everything without being mindful of themselves. If you are the type that discusses and gossips every cat and dog that passes your way, you’re a great turn-off to guys.

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7. Insecurity

Men like it when they notice you’re afraid of losing them, but always accusing your boyfriend or a guy of cheating when you have no evidence to back up your claim is a sign of jealousy (insecurity) and men get turned off by this.

8. Being too clingy

Every guy wants their girlfriend to be independent. Being too emotionally dependent makes guys quickly lose interest in a girl. Don’t try to spend every hour or day with a guy. He will soon feel bored and pull away from you.

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9. Rushing things

Guys feel bored and uninterested when they discover you’re rushing things. For instance, you want him to meet your parents too soon. Or you want to meet his own family and friends asap. All these are signs you’re moving too fast and are a turn-off for guys.

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10. Playing games

Do you think sending a mixed signal will keep a guy interested? Men get turned off when they’re not sure of how you feel about them. So, avoid playing games. If you don’t like a guy, be confident and tell him.

11. Lack of financial discipline

Do you know that guys often test a girl to know if she has financial discipline? Oh! you’re just hearing this for the first time. Lack of self-control especially in spending is a great turn-off for guys. No man wants to spend the rest of his life with an extravagant woman.

12. Ungrateful attitude

Are you the type that doesn’t feel satisfied with the little a guy has done for you? Rather, you seem to be picky. You have a taste for great things but feel ungrateful for the little you have. This is another thing that turns men off.

13. Being too proud

Arrogance is another thing guys dislike in women. Men get turned off by girls who are rude and disrespectful to others. A guy does not want you to respect him alone. He wants you to treat others the same way you treat him.

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14. Phubbing

Phubbing is the habit of ignoring someone in favour of a mobile phone. Doing this when you’re on a date with a guy is a great turn-off to him.

15. Being materialistic

Being excessively concerned with material possessions, especially being money-oriented makes men feel repulsive. Men are not just only interested in your physical appearance. They’re also interested in knowing your personality.

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16. Lack of plans for your life

Women who are not concerned about their life or their future are a great turn-off to men. Guys love it when they see that a woman has a vision and plans ahead.

17. Dishonesty

Telling lies really turns men off. There’s a way we feel when a girl is not being honest. This makes it difficult for us to trust you again.

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18. Laziness

Guys quickly lose interest when they discover you’re too lazy to do anything. They may appreciate the time you spend together, but they want to also see you spend time doing what will improve your life.

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19. Too much make-up

Do you think too much makeup will attract a guy? It’s another turn-off you don’t know about. Guys want you to look your best but not makeover. We like it when you make up to look beautiful, but too much of it is a huge turn-off to us.

20. Over-weight

Honestly, guys get turned off by overweight women. No man wants to be stressed. And dating an overweight girl is a big burden to us.

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20 Things Girls Do That Are Biggest Turn Offs For Guys
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