13 Ways To Respect Your Husband
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13 Ways To Respect Your Husband

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How does a wife respect her husband? Or how do you treat your husband with respect?

Respect is one of the things men value most. You can give your husband everything he desires but if you can’t respect him, you’ve never shown him, love. Honour is a secret to any man’s heart. And only the women who understand this unlock the hidden treasures (love) in their husband’s hearts.

In marriage, showing respect to your partner is one of the ways to retain their love and loyalty. When respect is lost in a marriage, the beauty and the spark in that relationship are gone. Respect cannot be trivialized in any romantic relationship or even friendship. But the question is, how do you show a man respect in a marriage?

In this post, you’re going to learn how to show respect in a marriage and make your husband feel esteemed or honoured.

Importance of respect in a marriage

  • Respect brings harmony to a relationship
  • It increases love and intimacy in a relationship.
  • Respect is a sign you truly love your partner
  • It teaches you tolerance
  • It’s a sign you’re both emotionally mature to live together

How to respect your husband

1. Minimize the way you argue with him

Never try to win every argument with your husband. If you feel he doesn’t want to give up on his opinion, leave him alone. It’s a way to show that you respect him. Arguing with him on every occasion is a sign you don’t respect him. Sometimes, allow him to win the argument and follow his opinion.

2. Do not joke with his stomach

I believe you know what this means? Make sure you feed him well. Not only that, but avoid giving him food late at night. Your husband shouldn’t wait the whole night before he eats his dinner. Make sure you prepare his meal on time and serve him with the best plate, specially meant for him.

3. Do not break your marriage vow

Cheating on your husband is a sign of disrespect. Your marriage vow should not be broken. You’re respecting your husband if you’re faithful to him. So, do not cheat on him no matter what comes your way.

4. Give him some privacy

Don’t be a boring or a nagging wife. Do not always try to monitor your husband. For instance, by checking or trying to know the person he speaks with over the phone, his chats, etc. except if he cheats on you or you want to know if he will cheat again.

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5. Never talk down on him

We all know that women have big mouths but learn to shut or control them, especially when you are angry. Do not talk down on him or make him feel inferior with your words. Mind how you address him, especially in public.

6. Treat him like a king

Men have pride in them, and if you know how to always stir up their ego, they will definitely make you a queen. Treat your husband with high prestige and make him feel the kingship in him and he will not fail to reciprocate your love.

7. Pay attention to his needs

Your husband will feel respected if you always adhere to his demands. Do not deny him sex when he needs it. Pay attention to whatever he’s asking from you. When you’re doing this, you’re not just honouring him but you’re also showing how much you love him.

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8. Pay attention to his words

Never ignore him when he’s speaking, no matter how angry you are. It’s a sign of respect. Listen to the mistakes or corrections he’s pointing out. If there’s a need to adjust, never relent to amend just to make him happy.

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9. Appreciate him

When you appreciate a man, you’re simply telling him you respect his efforts and love towards you. Whenever your hubby does you a favour, always try to express your gratitude to him.

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10. Believe in him

If you don’t trust your husband, you will never respect him. Trust and respect are like two side coins. Try your best not to doubt him, especially if you know he’s saying the truth. He might have disappointed you before but don’t stop trusting him.

11. Accept his opinion or advice

You cannot reject the opinion of someone you esteemed. Likewise, your husband. If you want to make him feel respected, seek and accept his opinion or advice. Don’t just take decisions without consulting him.

12. Allow him to be in control

Men feel respected when their wives allow them to play their roles as the head of the family. This does not mean you will be left behind in decision-making or other responsibilities in the family. Make your man feel in charge and support his efforts.

13. Always apologize when you’re wrong

Nothing moves a man like a loyal and humble woman. A man feels honoured when his wife acknowledges her mistakes and apologizes when she’s at fault. It touches our hearts. And if you want to be a respectful wife to your husband, learn to say I’m sorry when you’re wrong. You won’t be able to do that if you don’t learn to swallow your ego. Here’s my previous post about how to apologize to someone you love.

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13 Ways to respect your husband
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