Why Does Love Hurt

Why Does Love Hurt in a relationship? 2 Major Reasons

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Why does love hurt?

Love itself does not hurt. It is so painful because of the way it is expressed, and what we expect in return.

For instance, the pains of a breakup, unrequited love, rejection, and loving the wrong person, all come from our expectations in a relationship. When those desires are not met, we feel hurt and dejected. That is why love hurts.

Love is a very strong emotion. When we love, or fall in love, we make ourselves vulnerable. We become open to physical pains, emotional and sexual abuse, loneliness, anxiety, etc.

This feeling of love is often caused by a hormone called “Oxytocin.” This chemical activates the feelings of trust and attraction between people when it is released in the brain.

Love is not supposed to hurt. The reason why it is so painful is that we express it the wrong way, and with a wrong motive.

True love does not hurt because whether your expectations are met or not, you will never stop loving your partner.

To overcome the ache of love, we must learn to love unconditionally, without expecting anything in return for our love.

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Why does love pain so much?

1. Love hurts as a result of failed expectations

As I have stated earlier, we most a times, love simply because of what we will gain at last. When those expectations are not met, we feel disappointed.

Although you may say you truly love someone, but, what are you really expecting from him/her in return for your love?

Do you show love simply because you want to be loved? Or because you want to get married to him/her? No matter what your reasons are, you may end up in pain, if your desires are not met.

So, let us tell ourselves the truth, and equally learn to love unconditionally.

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2. Love ache because it is a very strong emotion

Falling in love pains because love is a very strong emotion that needs not to be taken for granted.

Romantic Love is one of the strongest emotions anyone can have, says “Experts

So, when this feelings are tampered with, it becomes so unbearable for us.

For example, the death of a loved one, a breakup, or a betrayal from a friend can hurt. Why? Because of the strong attachment that exist between us.

Love is a very powerful emotion that controls our brain and body system.

When those feelings (love) are taken for granted, we feel bad and question ourselves for falling in love.

How do you love someone after being hurt?

After being hurt by a loved one, you can start loving them again by first, forgiving them. Forgiveness is a sign of love. So, when you’ve pardoned him/her, you will not find it difficult to love them again.

Why does love hurt your heart

Love hurts our hearts because it is an emotion that touches the heart. When this feeling is taken for granted, it aches the heart.
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