10 Signs He Will Cheat Again Even After Apologizing
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10 Signs He Will Cheat Again Even After Apologizing

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Has your man cheated before and you’re wondering how likely is it for him to cheat again? Read on to discover the signs that confirm he will cheat the second time.

Infidelity is one of the reasons why relationships fail. Couples cheat every day. If you’re wondering why most people become unfaithful in their relationships? Here’s my previous post about why people cheat on their partners. Love is a beautiful emotion when you find a faithful partner.

Has your boyfriend or husband cheated in the past? Here is how to know if he will still cheat on you.

Signs He Will Cheat Again

1. He still gets in touch with the girl

If after cheating on you and you discover that your man still gets in touch with the girl or their ex, he is likely to cheat again. When a cheat repents wholeheartedly, he lays aside whatever will make him cheat the second time. But if he doesn’t, then he is on his way for a second affair. For example, he still texts her or receives her calls.

2. He is secretive

Does he avoid answering certain calls when you are together? Or even move away so you won’t hear his conversations? It’s a sign your man is secretive and will likely cheat sooner or later. A guy who has made up his mind not to cheat a second time will never hide anything from you, even his phone calls or text messages. This is to prove to you that he has no skeleton in his cupboard. Get that into your head.

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3. This is not the first time he’s cheating on you

Does he have a past record of cheating? That is a sign he will continue to cheat. Most cheaters don’t change even after finding the woman they truly love. That is why I always tell people that, a guy who cheats on you before marriage will likely cheat after marriage. Believe it or leave it. It happens. Except he has made up his mind not to allow his past relationship to sabotage his present one.

4. He blames you for cheating

If after cheating he finds every excuse to shift the blame on you, that is a sign he’s not being remorseful for having affairs and will still cheat when the opportunity comes. He doesn’t apologize, rather he’s arrogant and doesn’t listen whenever you complain about his suspicious activities.

5. He lies to you

Is your man a professional liar? Maybe he’s not like this before but suddenly changed after his first affairs, it’s a sign he has not given up on cheating. A lying partner is not trustworthy and can cheat anytime and still cover up or defend themselves.

6. He keeps returning late from work

If this is not the normal time he comes back from work, then something is wrong. Maybe he used to return earlier but suddenly changed. He now comes back late. This is a red flag you should consider. He might have even started cheating on you already.

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7. He doesn’t assure you that he has changed

Most times, it is good to reassure your loved ones that you have changed, especially if they’re still doubting you. But if your husband or boyfriend doesn’t seem to care about your feelings especially if you are suspicious of them, by reassuring you that he will never cheat a second time, he’s likely to have affairs again.

8. You don’t communicate better

Communication is the backbone of every relationship. In other words, without it, your relationship will likely fail.

When was the last time you discussed as a couple? Does he seem to be more interested in his phone than talking to you? Does he seem to avoid certain conversations, especially when it concerns infidelity? This is another way to tell if a guy will cheat over again.

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9. Your sex life is going down

When was the last time you had sex or even slept together? How is your sex life really going? Is it moving fine? Does he seem to be satisfied after the whole thing? You got to answer these questions. They might help you to find out if he will still cheat on you or not.

10. You feel like he doesn’t love you anymore

If you are already having this feeling that your boyfriend or husband doesn’t love you anymore, it’s an indication that he will likely cheat further. Love is highly needed to sustain every relationship. Has that spark diminished? It’s a red flag.


10 Signs he will cheat again
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