How To Take a Break in a Relationship Without Breaking Up
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How To Take a Break in a Relationship Without Breaking Up

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Relationship breaks are good for your mental health. When people hear the phrase “taking a break,” they often automatically assume that it means breaking up. However, taking a break in a relationship isn’t necessarily a breakup. Continue reading to discover what it means and how to take a break in a relationship.

It’s normal to need some time apart from your partner. In fact, a relationship break can be healthy for your relationship and your mental health. Taking a break can help you both assess your feelings and decide if you want to stay together or not.

What is a relationship break?

Taking a break from a relationship simply means spending some time alone and doing the things you love without your partner, in order to figure out how your relationship has affected you and the way forward. When two people in a relationship feel like they need some time apart, they may decide to take a break. This means that they’ll separate for a while to figure out what they want or need. The break can be in the form of ‘no call’ for some time, not seeing each other for a period of time, etc.

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Reasons for taking a break from a relationship

People take breaks in their relationships for different reasons. For example, maybe they’re feeling overwhelmed and need some time to themselves. Or, they may be facing a difficult situation and need space to deal with it. Whatever the reason, taking a break can be a healthy way to deal with problems in a relationship.

How to take a break in a relationship

1. Communicate your intentions to your partner first

If you’re thinking of taking a break from your relationship, it’s crucial to talk to your partner about it. Set some ground rules and explain why you feel like you need some distance.

2. Set some boundaries for the break

Establishing ground rules before you take a break is crucial. You might decide, for instance, that you won’t speak to each other or see each other for a specific amount of time. After setting these boundaries, is necessary you obey the rules and set some penalties for breach of the contract.

3. Spend time apart

A break period in a relationship is a time when you spend time apart as a couple. It is a time you stop making efforts to see each other every day or talk to each other every day, depending on the rules you have set for yourselves. Not only that, but this is the right time for you to reconnect with yourself. It is time for you to love yourself more if you have not been making out time for yourself.

So, during a break in a relationship, endeavor to spend time away from your significant other. Allow yourselves to engage in activities you love and with your friends and loved ones. Give each other space to pursue individual interests.

4. Don’t use the break as an excuse to act recklessly

A relationship break is not a time to cheat on your partner. Do not use this opportunity to engage in reckless activities that will ruin your relationship. Also, avoid dating another person simply because you are giving each other some space in the relationship. Rather, this should be a time of reflection. Reflect on how the relationship has impacted your life, the things that need to be done, and the things that need to be changed when the break is over.

5. Keep your communication lines open

Although, it is good to stay off contact while on a break from your relationship, do not completely stop reaching out to each other when there is a need for that. For example, if you or your partner are missing each other, consider getting in touch at least once in a while to keep that connection alive. Ceasing communication entirely while in a relationship break can bring the relationship to an end or even make you completely lose feelings for your partner if you have missed them for so long.

To maintain the relationship space and still be in love, get in touch with each other, at least, once in a while.

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6. Be prepared to end the break if it’s not working out

If it seems like you are not achieving your purpose of going on the break, then consider ending it asap. There is no need of staying apart from each other without gaining anything from it.


How long should a break in a relationship last?

It depends on the issue you are trying to resolve. One month’s separation from your partner is okay and enough to settle whatever issues you’re having in your relationship. But make sure your relationship break does not last long, except if you are not planning to get back to each other.

Do breaks in relationships work?

Relationships break only work if you are willing to obey the rules or the boundaries you have set for yourself and work towards resolving the issues at hand. But if you’re using the break as an opportunity to date someone else or cheat on your partner, the break will eventually not work for you.

What are the rules for taking a break in a relationship?

One of the rules you should set and obey while on a relationship break is to avoid contacting each other often. If you must go with contact, it shouldn’t be done every time. A break period is a time you give each other space. So, try to maintain that space even in your communication.

Another rule is to avoid dating someone else. Most relationship breaks end in a breakup because most couples go ahead to date someone else while on a break from their relationship. This can make you eventually lose feelings for your partner, cheat on them or even forget that you are on a temporary separation.

Can a relationship survive a break?

Every couple can go on a relationship break and, not end the relationship itself. All you need is to set rules for the break, abide by them, ad get back together when you have successfully resolved the issues.

Should you talk during a break?

If you have decided to take a break from your relationship, it is advisable not to communicate with your partner. But that does not mean you shouldn’t reach out to them if there is a need for that.

Is it cheating if you’re on a break?

A relationship break is not cheating but a time you give each other space to find yourselves again. It only becomes cheating if you are dating someone else or you are having affairs.

Is it OK to text during a break?

If you cannot stay without communicating with each other, then texting your partner during a relationship break is the best option. This is to ensure you don’t feel lonely during this period.

Does a break mean you’re single?

Taking a break from your relationship does not mean you are single. Rather, it means you are on a temporary separation from your partner.

Should you go no contact during a break?

Going with no contact during a break in a relationship is a good option if you both agree and are willing to abide by the rule. But you can still get in touch with each other, once in a while, if you are beginning to feel alone.

Is having a break in a relationship healthy?

There are many different factors to consider when deciding whether or not a break is healthy for you and your relationship. Some couples find that taking a break helps them to reconnect and re-evaluate their relationship. Other couples find that a break only creates distance and leads to further problems. So, if taking a break in your relationship creates more problems for you, then it is not good for your relationship. But if it helps you to resolve the challenges you are facing in your relationship, then it is healthy for you.

How do you fix a relationship after a break?

To get your relationship together after taking a break, you should point out and discuss whatever you discovered about your relationship during this break period. A break in a relationship isn’t just a period you give your partner space but a time you evaluate your relationship and look for a way forward.

How do you know if your relationship needs a break?

If you find yourself constantly arguing with your partner, or you’re simply not getting along, it might be time to take a break. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to break up, but it does mean that you need to take some time apart to reassess your relationship.

Is it OK to ask for a break in a relationship?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed in your relationship, it’s OK to ask for a break. This doesn’t mean your relationship is over – it can be a helpful way to take a step back and figure out what you need.

Asking for a break can be a difficult conversation, but it can be helpful to start by saying something like, “I’m feeling overwhelmed and I need some time to myself. Can we take a break for a little while?” Anyhow you choose to say it, just say it out if you need it.

Can couples get back together after months apart?

It is certainly possible for couples to get back together after spending months apart from one another. In fact, many couples find that they are able to rekindle their romance and re-establish a strong connection after taking some time apart.

There are a few things that couples can do to increase their chances of successfully getting back together after being apart for a while. First, it is important to communicate openly and honestly with one another about why the break occurred and what each person wants to do.

Final thought

It can be challenging, but ultimately gratifying, to decide to take a break from a relationship. It might be a good experience for both of you if you can utilize the time apart to think about your relationship and determine what you really want.


How to take a break in a relationship without breaking up
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