What To Text Your Ex After No Contact (Ideas)

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In this post, I am going to share with you, some ideas and examples of what to text your ex after no contact.

So, after a long period of “no contact,” you have finally decided to reach out to your ex over text. But what should you text them in the first place, since it’s been a long time since you spoke or chat with each other, after the breakup? How do you initiate the conversation and get them to reply to your texts, or even win their heart back?

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A friend of mine broke up with his girlfriend, some time ago. After some months of no contact with her, he finally decided to break the ice. Luckily for him, his girlfriend replied to his texts. And today, they are very good friends, although there are no romantic feelings involved in their friendship.

Going through the feelings of a breakup has never been easy at all. It takes some ex up to a year to heal from heartbreak. That is why ‘timing’ is very important if you are planning to reach out to your ex for the first time, after the breakup.

Should you contact your ex after no contact?

It depends on how the relationship ended, what you are planning to achieve, and how long you have stayed without contacting each other.

If you just broke up with your ex, 1-4 months ago, then it is too early to contact them. At this period, he or she may not have finally recovered from the breakup experience. But anything from 5 months and above is okay to reach out to your ex, post-breakup, as they are likely to have put off every negative emotion they have for you.

Furthermore, how was the relationship in the first place? Did you split because your partner was toxic in the relationship? Did they cheat on you? What was the reason for the breakup? And how will you feel if such a thing should happen again if you are to reunite with your ex?

All these questions will help you to understand if you are trying to make the right move or not. And if you have finally analyzed your thoughts, and it seems it is worth contacting your ex, here are some ideas on how to get started.

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What To Text Your Ex After No Contact

1. Send them something hilarious

If you are wondering what to text your ex (after a long time), send them something funny. For instance, a funny video you saw online and thought they might like. Or anything hilarious you have watched together in the past.

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An example of how to type the text. 

“Hey! This movie reminds me of how you laugh. Have you watched the video since the last time we watched it together?”

2. Keep it simple

Don’t bother to sound romantic, as this can send them a mixed signal. Rather, keep everything platonic, even if you want them to fall in love with you again.

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An example of the text to compose:

“Hey dear! It’s been a while. I just want to know how you are doing.”

This type of message is very simple and friendly. And if your ex has already recovered from the breakup, he or she will definitely reply.

Most times, if you don’t keep everything simple, your ex may think you are desperate, or that you can’t do without them, and may decide to ignore your texts or reply to some and leave the rest.

Others advise you to tell your ex that you are missing them or thinking about them. But this is not the right time to say that.

Allow yourself to have at least 3 or 4 conversations with them (for some time) before you tell them that you are missing them or thinking about them.

Also, you should avoid texting them every week. You can decide to reach out to your ex this week, and give them two weeks’ space before sending them another text.

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3. Remind them of a good memory

When considering what to text your ex, think of the good memory you shared together. For instance, remind them of their favorite dating spot, and ask them if they still go there.


“Hi! I was passing along West Lake Street, Minneapolis, and remembered Los Andes Latin Bistro restaurant. Do you still go there?”

This is not only a nice thing to text an ex after zero contact, but a good way to initiate a conversation with your ex for the first time, after your breakup.

How to respond to your ex after no contact?

Reply to them in a friendly way 2. Play a little hard to get 3. Keep everything simple 4. Ask them how they feel about the breakup 5. Ask them if they would like you to meet.

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