14 Productive Night Routines Ideas For Better Sleep
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14 Productive Night Routines Ideas For Better Sleep

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Establishing night routines can drastically boost your productivity and personal growth. If you’re short of ideas on what to do every night before sleep, I have a few suggestions for you in this article. Here are also, productive morning routines you should start. Let’s get started.

Night Routines Ideas

1. Reading books

You must not read the whole pages of a book before you adopt this routine. You can start by reading one chapter every night. Reading before bedtime can boost your brain power and give you better sleep. Try it tonight and if it works, don’t forget to buy me coffee the next morning.

2. Listening to music

Do you want to have a nice and sweet sleep tonight? Then practice listening to cool music before you sleep. It helps you get relaxed and skyrockets your sleep to its climax.

3. Eating fruits

Fruits are essential for your health. Whether you want to lose weight or not, make eating fruits at night your daily routine.

4. Planning your tomorrow’s activities

If you want to have a productive morning or day, always plan your tomorrow at night. Form the habit of writing down your to-do list for the next day. It will help you stay organized and avoid being confused about what to do or where to start.

5. Meditating

I often emphasize much on meditation in almost all my posts about self-improvement. Meditation is one thing I cannot live without. It helps me to reflect on my life, my goals, and the mistakes I have made so far. Try and meditate every night before you sleep. You will understand its benefits as you proceed.

14 Productive night routines to start this week

6. Have fun with your family before sleep

Do not just eat your dinner, bathe, brush, and quickly go to bed. Always make out time for your family every night. If you’re a wife or a husband, take out time to have fun with your partner or your children, and equally have a long conversation with them before you sleep. This will routine will strengthen the love and intimacy in your relationship and family.

7. Take a bathe

If you have not been bathing before going to bed, form the habit today. Bathing before sleep will not only help you get relaxed, it will help you to sleep comfortably.

8. Brushing your teeth

Brushing your teeth before bed is not only good hygiene, but it will make you feel relaxed. And if you’re having bad breath, brushing after dinner will help lessen it.

9. Sleeping with onions in socks

Researchers claim that sleeping with onions in socks has health benefits. For example, it purifies your blood, kills bacteria, etc. You can read more about that here.

10. Exercising before sleep

Exercising your body before sleep will make your body light and help you to wake up early without feeling exhausted.

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14 Productive Night Routines Ideas For Better Sleep

11. Relaxing

Before you sleep, take some minutes to relax your body, especially after eating. Don’t just jump into your bed and doze off.

12. Setting alarm for tomorrow

Do you want to wake up early? Form the habit of setting alarms. Except you have trained yourself to start waking up without alarms before you could wake up on time. If not, consider setting your alarm on time.

13. Saying your prayers

Sometimes, you can forget to say your prayers if you don’t before you start using your technologies. You might say “okay, let me spend a few minutes on social media before I say my prayers and then sleep.” But the truth is that most times, you will sleep off without knowing. So, consider saying your prayers on time before engaging in any other thing that could make you forget.

14. Switching off the light before you sleep

While some can comfortably sleep with the light on, some cannot. Light can affect your sleep. And turning it off has its own benefits too. You can learn more in this article.


14 ideas to create a productive night routines
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