50 Crazy Questions Girls Are Afraid To Ask Guys And Why
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50 Crazy Questions Girls Are Afraid To Ask Guys And Why

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When it comes to relationships, there are many questions that girls are afraid to ask guys. These questions can range from inquiring about a guy’s past relationships to asking how he really feels about a girl.

While these questions can cause some anxiety, they are important to understanding a guy and navigating a relationship. In the following article, we’ll explore 50 Crazy Questions Girls Are Afraid To Ask A Guy and why they’re afraid to ask them.

We all know the feeling of wanting to ask someone about something but feeling too scared or too embarrassed to do so. But often times it’s the most important questions that go unasked, and we’re left holding on to our fears and insecurities.

Most girls, find themselves in this situation when it comes to questions they want to ask guys. But thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Here are some questions girls find difficult to ask guys.

50 Questions Girls Are Afraid To Ask Guys

1. Have you ever had sex before?

This is a weird question every girl finds difficult to ask a guy. Sex can be a complicated and sensitive subject, and it’s understandable why so many girls feel anxious and uncertain when it comes to discussing it.

2. Are you attracted to other women?

This can be a tough question for most girls as they don’t know how a guy will react when asked such a question and what will be their own reaction when they have discussed the truth.

3. Do you still have feelings for your ex?

Every woman wants to get an answer to this question but they feel anxious asking it. They’re either afraid of getting you upset or being asked a more difficult question in return.

4. What do you think of me as a partner?

It is in the interest of every woman to know how their man feels about them. A girl might want to discover the type of person you think she is but might also be frightened to ask you that.

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5. Why are you so hard to read?

Girls avoid asking this question because they don’t want you to know they have been trying to read you. And they are afraid you might misunderstand what they meant by that.

6. Have you had sex before?

Every woman wants to hear or know that you have not had sex with any other woman before except her, but the question ‘have you had sex before? keeps bothering them but they are scared to ask it.

7. What do you really think of my family?

Girls want to know a guy’s thoughts about their friends and families but they find it difficult to ask guys what they think about their families.

8. Can I borrow money from you?

There is a general perception about girls and money but the fact is that most girls find it difficult to ask you to lend money to them. They think asking you that will put an end to the relationship.

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8. Between me and your mom who do you love most?

This is an awkward question most girls want to ask a guy but they are terrified of asking. They just don’t know how you are going to take the question and your view about them after asking such a question.

9. Do you think I’m good in bed?

This question is very hard for most girls to ask a guy especially if they are just getting to know each other. If your girlfriend has asked you this type of question before, it is because you have become closer to each other.

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10. What do you think about my body?

Believe it or leave it, girls want to know what guys think about their bodies. She might be feeling unsatisfied with her appearance but don’t know how to ask a guy to tell her how he feels about her body.

11. When will you propose to me?

If you have been dating her for a while now, this is one of the most difficult questions in her mind that she needs an answer from you but doesn’t know how to ask it.

12. Do you ever compare me to other girls?

Every woman wants to hear that a man loves her the way she is without comparing her to other women but asking this question to a man is terrifying to most women.

13. Do you ever think about our future together?

She wants to have a future with you but she is afraid of asking you this question because she is not sure of how you are going to respond to it.

14. Can I ever trust you with my best friend?

If you think women don’t want men who are faithful, this is one of the best questions girls want to ask guys but they are just scared. Instead, most of them go ahead to test you to see if you will prefer their friend over them.

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15. How big is your thing?

That sounds weird at the same time funny, right? This is one of the crazies questions girls are afraid to ask guys but they really want to know about it.

Girls like big things, and they want to know if your thing is big or small but they wouldn’t ask you to avoid changing their perception of them.

16. Are you looking for something serious or casual?

17. Do you ever think about our future together?

18. Are you interested in marriage?

19. What would it take for you to trust me more?

20. Do you ever feel jealous of my relationships with other people?

21. Do you really care about me or is this just a passing thing?

22. Why don’t you want to go out and do things with me?

23. What kind of things would make you feel loved?

24. Are you ever scared to commit to me?

25. Do you think I’m attractive?

26. Do you ever think about me when we’re apart?

27. Are you hiding something from me?

28. Are you really attracted to me or am I just a “friend”?

29. What do you look for in a girl?

30. Does the size of the breast of a woman matter to you

31. What turns you on the most?

32. What do you think about women with small buttocks?

33. What do you think makes a woman hot?

34. Do you watch porn?

35. What will you do if I’m a lesbian?

36. What is the first thing you will do if I get pregnant for you when you are not ready for it?

37. Do you masturbate?

38. Do you have female friends?

39. When was the last time you had sex and with who?

40. Do you still think about your ex?

41. Will you have a child with me?

42. Are you a virgin?

43. Have you ever asked a girl to abort a child before?

44. Do you love me or just want to sleep with me?

45. Do you want to have sex with me?

46. Who should pay for a date?

47. Who should say thank you after sex?

48. Who should wash the plates for a newly married couple with no child?

49. How much do you earn?

50. Do you think I love you?


It is essential for girls to understand that it is perfectly normal to be curious and ask questions, especially when it comes to their relationships with boys.

Questions they are ‘afraid to ask’ are probably more common than perceived and need not be a source of stress – but rather a step towards a healthier and more positive experience in their interactions with the opposite sex.

As author Zadie Smith said, “Flawed questions contain their own answers.” By having an open and honest conversation, many of the uncertainties girls have about boys can be alleviated.

The key is for girls to remember that it is ok to ask questions, no matter how difficult the answers might be, and to never feel ashamed or embarrassed.

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50 Crazy Questions Girls Are Afraid To Ask Guys And Why
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