13 Signs He’s Secretly Cheating On You
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13 Signs He’s Secretly Cheating On You

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Are you wondering if he’s cheating on you? Read on to discover the signs that tell a man is secretly having affairs.

Spotting a cheat in a relationship can be difficult sometimes. Nevertheless, there are tale signs of cheating in a relationship that helps to identify a cheating partner. If you’re suspicious of your husband or boyfriend and want to know if he’s having affairs, here are warning signs to look out for.

Signs He’s Cheating

1. He gets upset when you access his phone

It is normal for anyone to have their privacy but if your man often takes offence anytime you use his phone or access his social media accounts, it’s a sign he’s secretly cheating on you. If he doesn’t have any skeleton in his cupboard, he would not stop you from making use of his phone. Making his phone unaccessible is a sign there’s something he doesn’t want you to see. And that is a clear sign he’s unfaithful. There are various types of cheating; emotional and physical (sexual) cheating. He might not be sexually unfaithful but might be cheating on you, emotionally.

2. He often avoids certain calls

Do you notice that your man often ignores answering certain calls when you are together? It is another indicator he might be cheating on you. You will ascertain the veracity or otherwise of this type of behaviour by closely observing him. Does he end up calling the person back when you have left his presence? This might be the person he’s having affairs with. So, closely observe his behaviours before accusing him of cheating.

3. He has cheated before

A man who has cheated on you in the past has a high chance of cheating again, especially if he has not moved on from his ex. Has your boyfriend or husband cheated on you before? He might still be cheating if he has been unfaithful before. People who cheat don’t just change overnight. Here is my previous post that described the signs he will cheat again.

4. Your mind tells you

Even if you’ve not caught him cheating, if your intuition tells you he’s cheating on you, it’s another sign you should not overlook. Your guts cannot lie to you, and there is no way you will start suspecting your partner of cheating on you if such a thing has not been happening. So, if your intuition always tells you that your boyfriend or husband is cheating, believe it but wait until you have evidence to prove his infidelity.

5. He has suddenly changed

Did you suddenly notice some changes in his attitude? Maybe, he’s not the type that keeps late at night but has suddenly started returning late from work or he doesn’t tell you where he’s going, all these are signs he might be cheating on you. You will know if a man is cheating through the change in his behaviours.

6. He lies to you

Have you caught him telling lies several times, this is an indicator that he’s trying to cover his unfaithfulness. A man who constantly lies to his woman can cheat and still cover up with his lies.

7. He often lacks an appetite for sex

Does he often tell you he’s tired each time you want to have sex? If he’s not satisfying his sexual urge elsewhere he would not be denying you sex. It is normal for your partner to say he or she is tired after being stressed up at work, but if he constantly refuses to have sex claiming that he’s tired, then he might be gratifying his sexual needs elsewhere. Although, this sign varies because all men are not the same. Some men will experience an increase in their desire for sex when they start cheating on you, especially in the early stage of infidelity.

8. He spends more time with his phone

Another sign that tells a man is cheating on you is that he often spends more time with his phone than he does with you. What is he doing with his phone? “Chatting.” There is nothing wrong with a man chatting with another woman. But if he gives more of his attention to his phone than you, he might be cheating on you, emotionally.

9. He cares more about his appearance than before

If your man is the type that doesn’t dress to impress anyone but suddenly started paying more attention to his dress or appearance, he might be cheating. There might be a girl somewhere he’s dressing to attract or appease.

10. He’s distant

Does he often avoid being intimate with you or even avoid going to certain places with you? This is another sign he’s cheating and doesn’t want his girlfriend (s) to know he already has a partner. When you finally go out together, he feels shy to hold hands with you in the public. These are behaviours of an unfaithful man. This sign is not 100% accurate because people vary. Some cheating men try to get closer to you than before whenever they start cheating so that you won’t discover they’re having affairs.

11. He’s secretive about what he spends his money on

This sign manifests more especially among married couples. Most times, your husband will be complaining about being broke, suddenly he withdraws a huge amount of money and does not tell you what he’s using the money for. When you ask him, he claims he invested the money somewhere, he gave it to a friend who needs financial help or he will tell you stories.

12. He travels a lot

Apart from men whose nature of job warrants them to travel weekly, if your man suddenly developed the habit of travelling for no reason, this is not a good sign. I have read many stories of wives whose husbands were caught cheating all in the name of travelling for a business trip. If your partner does not work in a place where he needs to travel a lot but he does, then you should pay close attention to him. He might be cheating.

13. He hates to hear the word “adultery”

A cheating man doesn’t seem to develop an interest in watching movies or reading stories that reveal how men secretly cheat on their women. Rather, he takes offence and walks away in anger.


If a man does these 13 things, he's cheating on you
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