13 Undeniable Signs He Doesn’t Value You
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13 Undeniable Signs He Doesn’t Value You

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It is normal to look for signs he doesn’t value you, especially, when he often takes you for granted.

Dating a guy that undermines your significance hurts. It is a sign that tells he doesn’t love you.

When a guy doesn’t know your value or worth, there are certain ways he will treat you. And this post seeks to outline those signs to help you figure out your stand with him.

What does it mean when a guy doesn’t value you?

It means that he doesn’t care about you, your feelings, or even what you think.

Men who don’t value women are the ones who will say anything to get you into bed, and then never call again. They will say they love you but not show it in any way, shape, or form.

Does he ignore my worth? Here are tale signs to help you figure it out.

Signs He Doesn’t Value You

1. He talks to you anyhow

One of the signs that tell a guy doesn’t value you is that he talks to you anyhow he likes. He doesn’t mind how you will feel or will react to what he says. This is one of the ways to know a man is not treating you well.

A guy who values you will be considerate in his manner of speech to avoid hurting your emotions. But if he does the opposite, then he has no regard for you.

2. You’re not a priority to him

Does he find it hard to make sacrifices for you? It means you are not his top priority. And when you are not that important to a man, there is no way he will value your presence in his life.

One way you will know you are not a priority to a guy is if he treats you like an alternative or an option. He only comes to you when there is no other woman available for him. Moreover, he doesn’t even prioritize your happiness.

3. He doesn’t make any effort to impress you

One thing every man that values his woman has in common is that they make efforts to impress the women they love. But if your guy doesn’t make any effort to at least, surprise you, once in a while, it means he ignores your significance.

4. Your efforts are not appreciated

If you ever find yourself trying too hard to please your boyfriend or husband but to no avail, it is a very big sign he doesn’t value you. When a man knows your worth, he appreciates every little effort you make toward him and the relationship.

Some men take you for granted even if you possess the attributes that anyone would want in a partner. They don’t value your work or your efforts, and they occasionally exhibit insensitivity. They might not listen well; they might discount your viewpoint or choose to remain silent when you need to speak up.

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5. He cheats and lies to you

Believe it or leave it, if your man always cheats and lies to you, without making any efforts to change, he is taking you for granted. A guy who really sees you as an important part or aspect of his life will not continue having affairs, knowing that he will hurt your feelings.

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6. They don’t show any interest in your hobbies

When two people fall in love, they work towards making each other happy. This happens by showing interest in your partner’s hobbies. Even if you don’t like their interest, you are doing it just to get along with them and keep the relationship moving.

7. You feel like they’re using you

You will know a guy doesn’t know your importance by the way you feel about him. If you feel you are being used by him, it is a confirmation he doesn’t know how essential you are to him.

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8. They never apologize when they’re wrong

A guy who hardly admits his mistakes nor apologizes when he is at fault is likely to take you for granted. So, if your man finds it hard to say sorry when he is wrong, he doesn’t value you. If he does, he wouldn’t want to make you feel bad with his attitude.

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9. They always threaten you with a breakup

Another way you can tell if a guy doesn’t value you is that he often threatens to break up with you. If you are that important to him, he will be afraid to lose you. But if you’re the one trying to keep the relationship and he doesn’t show any interest from his own end, then he doesn’t know your worth.

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10. He cares more about his own needs than yours

When a guy only cares about his own needs while ignoring your own, it means he doesn’t care about you. You will know a man recognizes your worth by the way he deals with anything that concerns you. If he doesn’t see your needs as his own, he doesn’t value you.

11. You always want to impress him and ignore yourself

If you find yourself trying so hard to become a good wife or girlfriend, it is another sign that tells your man doesn’t value you. You don’t need to overwork yourself for a man to recognize and appreciate your efforts.

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12. He doesn’t make time for you

You know you’re not valued when he’s always making excuses for why he can’t hang out with you. He’ll say things like “I have to go to the gym” or “I have a family thing.” These are just lame excuses, and they’re a sure sign that he doesn’t want to spend any more time with you.

13. He only reaches out when he needs you

If a guy reaches out to you only when he needs something from you, it is a sign that tells he trivializes you. Men who only come to you when they need something from you, but disappear when they have gotten what they want, don’t care so much about you.

Why doesn’t he value me?

The reason why men don’t value you is that they don’t see you as a prize. They want someone who is worth their time and effort more than you.

How to treat a man who doesn’t value you

How do you handle it when you’ve figured out that he doesn’t value you?

The first thing to do is to take a step back and think about the relationship. If it’s only been a few weeks or months, then maybe this is just a temporary blip. It’s worth taking some time to see if the relationship can be repaired. But if it’s been longer than that, and he has shown no signs of wanting to fix things, then there may be nothing left for you to do but walk away.

What to say to a man who ignores your value

Many women have experienced the frustration and anger of a man who ignores their value. They feel invisible and insignificant as if they don’t exist at all.

The following are some things that you can say to a man who ignores your value:

1. Who am I to you?

2. What type of woman do you want in your life?

3. You don’t value me and I know it but one day you will miss everything about me

4. I may not mean a lot to you but I mean a lot to others

5. One day, you will look for my type and will not find it.

How do you get a man to value you?

If you want to make a man value you, be his best friend. Don’t just be his girlfriend or wife. He wants to feel like he is your best friend. And one of the things a friend does is support his friend. No man will ever trivialize you if you are making an impact in his life. So, learn how to support your man if you want him to know your worth or significance.


13 Undeniable signs he doesn't value you and what to tell him
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