5 Major Signs Your Relationship is Failing
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5 Major Signs Your Relationship is Failing

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Is your relationship still strong or about to fail? Here are some of the signs of a failing relationship.

When a relationship is about to fail, there are some warning signs that will manifest. For instance, constant quarrelling, increase in arguments, name-calling, emotional distance, decrease in communication etc. All these are the early symptoms of a failing relationship.

So, how do you identify a relationship that is about to fail? Below are some of the signs your relationship is about to collapse.

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Signs Your Relationship Is Failing

1. Emotional Distance

One major sign of a failing relationship is emotional distance. Emotional distance simply means being unattached to your partner, emotionally. You no longer care to know whether the relationship will succeed or not. Your partner no longer includes you in his/her plans. You’ve suddenly stopped loving him/her. You no longer pay attention to them, rather, you focus on your family or friends.

2. Decrease in communication

When you notice that you don’t communicate with your partner as you do before, then your relationship is about to fail. You no longer talk to each other. Also, when things go wrong (misunderstanding), you bear grudges.

Good communication skills help to build a relationship. When you suddenly stop complaining to your partner about certain things you don’t like, then, your relationship is about to collapse. It shows that you are no longer interested in the relationship. A decrease in communication is another sign your relationship is failing already.

Here is the importance of communication in a relationship.

3. You’ve stopped trusting each other

No relationship can survive without trust. When trust departs from a relationship, the outcome of it is a breakup. So, if you notice that you no longer trust your partner, then, your relationship is about to end. Here are the ways to build trust in a relationship.

4. Constant quarrel

There is no relationship without crisis. In fact, some relationship problems help to build a very strong bond between couples. But constant quarrels, criticism and arguments are signs that something is wrong with your relationship. Probably, it’s about to fail.

5. You don’t open up to each other anymore

Another sign your relationship is heading for failure is that you no longer open up to your partner. You now hide certain secrets from him or her. You don’t even mind cheating on him/her. It’s another sign your relationship is about to fail.


5 Signs your relationship is failing
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