10 Signs He Wants to Date You Exclusively
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10 Signs He Wants to Date You Exclusively

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What are the signs he wants to date you exclusively? Is he really serious about you or he’s just a player in disguise?

When it comes to knowing whether a guy is serious about you or not, it can be a little confusing. The reason is that you don’t really know the motive behind his affectionate feelings for you. But nevertheless, there are some signs that tell if a guy wants a relationship with you or, that he just wants to have sex with you and disappear.

“A real man behaves so different from the selfish frat boy types you see everywhere that you can’t fail to notice the difference,” says David K. William

Below are the ways to tell if a man wants a relationship with you or not.

Signs he wants to date You

1. He tries to know more about you

When a man is serious about you, the first thing he does is to try to know more about you.

A guy who wants to hook up with you has nothing to do with knowing you. All he wants is your body. Therefore, he’s never interested in knowing you. But when a man begins to ask you certain questions about yourself, your family, or your status, then, he wants to date you. Here are some questions to ask your crush in order to know him/her better.

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2. He has already introduced you to his friends

A guy who is not ready to have a serious relationship with you will never introduce you to his friends or family members. But if he has introduced you to his friends already, it means he wants a relationship with you.

For him to introduce you to his family/friends shows that he’s not faking his feelings for you. He wants you to be his partner or girlfriend. Here are some signs you’re in a fake relationship/friendship.

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3. He often communicates with you

When a guy is ready to date you, he will always communicate with you to know how you’re doing.

Although, a man that wants to use you and dump you may do the same. The difference is that a man who wants to date you will do that often without giving up.

That doesn’t mean that he will be contacting you every day. It may be once or twice a week just to ask about your welfare, etc. But a man who wants to hook up with you will call you and always tell you how he feels about you.

He will never stop telling you that you’re beautiful or sexy. He’s just lusting after you. Here are the differences between love and infatuation.

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4. He supports you in everything

A man who wants a relationship with you will always back you up in everything you do. Even if he did not support you financially, maybe he’s not financially stable, he will always encourage you to be the best of who you are.

It is another sign that tells if a guy is serious about you, or that he’s just faking his feelings.

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5. He asks for your advice on certain things

A guy who wants to have you as his partner will always seek your opinion on certain plans/projects he wants to embark on. Not that he can’t do that without consulting you, but because he values you. And when he values you, it’s a sign that shows he wants you in his life.

6. He plans a future with you

When a guy wants to date you, he makes future plans with you.

He often makes use of words like ‘we’ ‘we can’ ‘us’ etc.

Furthermore, a guy who wants to date you will not be in a haste to tell you that he wants a relationship with you.

He will take it slowly. But when a man tells you that he wants a relationship with you and it has not been long since you met him, he may probably be lusting after you.

Your beauty or appearance may be what attracted him. A man who wants to be more than friends with you will not be in a haste to tell you. Rather, he will give himself time to examine his feelings. Here is my previous post on how to tell if a guy will commit or not.

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7. He makes plans on how to meet your people

A man who is serious about you will look for an opportunity to meet your people.

He will like to know your parents, siblings and even your friends. He’s never afraid of meeting your people. But if he doesn’t care about any of these (meeting your people), then, he’s just after your body but won’t commit to you.

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8. He respects you

Another way to know that he wants to date you is by how he treats you. When I say ‘how he treats you, I don’t mean ‘how he pampers you. What I mean is how he respects you and your people. Every man respects a woman he values or wants in his life. So, if he respects you by paying attention to you when you speak, by not tampering with your privacy, etc. Then, he wants to be more than friends with you.

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9. He doesn’t hide anything from you

Another sign he wants to date you is if he tells you the truth no matter what.

He will be open to you at all times. But that doesn’t mean he will tell you everything.

Some things are meant to be kept secret. But a guy who only wants you for sex will always hide certain things from you.

He doesn’t pick up some calls when you are together. When a man is ready to date you, he will surely win your trust. You will start developing trust in him. Your mind will tell you that he’s serious about you.

10. You know much about him

Last but not least is that, if you are told to write a biography of him, you will do that, without asking anyone.

What do I mean? ‘You’ve known a lot about him. His personality, parents, friends, etc. But if he hasn’t told you anything about himself, but claims to love you, then, it may be that he wants you for a reason. Probably to hook up with you.

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