12 Time Management Tips That Really Work
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12 Time Management Tips That Really Work

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Time management is the key to staying productive in life. Time is the highest commodity that cannot be regained once is wasted. That is why you need effective time management tips to help you master or be in control of your time.

We all have 24hrs in a day, 168 hours in one week, 730.0008 hours in a month, and 2080 hours in a year. Nothing less, and nothing more. But most of us find it difficult to make the most or best out of our time. We end up spending the whole day trying to complete one task and still complain that time is not enough. There is always enough time. No one has extra time in life. The problem is that you’ve not mastered time management. And today, I will be sharing some tips that will help you be in control of how you make use of your time.

Benefits of Time Management

Good time management enhances production or productivity. People who manage their time, effectively, achieve their goals faster, avoid procrastination, and minimize stress at work. Time is an important success factor.

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Time Management Tips

1. Plan ahead of time

The best way to properly manage your time is to plan everything ahead. For instance, if you have a lot to do during the week, then plan everything on Sunday. Write down everything you have to do for the week and how you’re going to achieve them.

2. Set clear goals

Having complicated goals is a huge time waster. You will end up not achieving anything at the end of the day. You have to be clear about your plans or goals for each day. This helps you to allocate time for each task and properly manage your time.

All you need to do is to write down your plans for the day, in a hierarchy. Make use of the SMART method when setting goals. ‘S’ stands for Specific, M = Measurable, A= Attainable, R = Relevant, and T = Timely.

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3. Start early

The moment you’ve planned or outlined everything you want to achieve for the day, start on time. For instance, you can decide to wake up at 5 am to begin your work for the day. If you’re a mom struggling to manage your time, especially if you’re working, then this tip is for you. Learn to begin your day early by waking up on time.

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4. Divide your task into smaller parts

You will be stuck if you try to complete all your work at a spot. You need to divide them into parts and begin with the less stressful but salient ones. This will make your work easier and you will have enough time to accomplish all you have for the day.

5. Minimize distractions

Distraction is an impediment to effective time management. You need to minimize them. Have you ever planned to do something and you ended up doing another thing (insignificant things)? Maybe things like chatting online, watching movies, engaging or listening to side talks instead of focusing on your work? You’re not alone. We all experience that. But all these are time wasters and you need to overcome them. Being focused is essential.

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6. Prioritize

In prioritizing your work, you need to create a to-do list. Set your priorities based on importance and urgency. Outline the works that are crucial and make them your priority. They’re the ones you should start from before others.

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7. Set a deadline for each task

You have to always realize that you don’t have all the time to complete just one project. That is why is necessary to set a time limit for each task. Allocate time to each work and make sure you stop once the time elapses.

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8. Take breaks

Another way to manage your time is to practice taking some breaks whenever you’re working. It helps you to renw your new and avoid being exhasted or feeling tired which may result to laziness or lack of motivation to continue. Your body is your machine. Allow it to have some rest to enable it to function efficiently.

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9. Say ‘NO’ to procrastination and laziness

Procrastination and laziness are time wasters and you must overcome them to make good use of your time. Learn to say ‘NO’ each time you feel like postponing what you ought to do now for another time. Here is my previous post on how to overcome laziness and how to stop procrastinating.

10. Delegate task

If you have a lot to do, try to delegate some to others. It gives you more time to work on other important things and also makes your task less stressful for you.

11. Do not expect perfection

If you’re looking forward to having the best, you will spend all your time on one task. Instead of focusing on perfection, focus on doing your best. You can never make your work perfect, rather you can make it look nice. So, don’t waste all your time trying to make things look perfect. Do your best and move on to the next project.

12. Track your time

After you’ve done all the above tips, try to monitor what consumes your time most. Analyze yourself and discover what you give more of your time and know if there is need to adjust.


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