What Is Online Dating Like For A Man?
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What Is Online Dating Like For A Man?

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The way men approach online dating is quite different from the way women do. If so, what is online dating like for a man?

Dating apps and dating sites have paved the way for everyone in the dating circle. Today, you can easily find a potential partner by simply creating a dating profile. Within a few minutes, you have already been matched with your so-called compatible partner.

But the pertinent question now is, what is online dating like for men?

A guy having a video call with a girl on a dating site

What is online dating like for a man

Always getting Few response From Women

To a man, online dating is somehow difficult. They send a lot of messages to women but end up getting few or no replies.

Men are not like women that receive a lot of messages every day. Rather, they are the ones trying to get the attention of the woman they like. And most times, those women hardly have time to reply to their texts. They are either busy replying to other text messages, or they will simply snub you if they don’t like you.

To a man, online dating is like a waste of time

When it comes to finding love, women are more desperate than men. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to castigate the ladies. But all I’m trying to say is that men don’t take online dating as seriously as women do. That is why you always see a guy withdraw from a girl he has been dating online when it is time for commitment.

All men are not the same. Some men don’t see internet dating as a waste of time. But the majority of guys see dating apps as a platform where they can flirt, make friends, or even distract themselves.


Both men and women have their own perceptions of online dating. To a man, internet dating is not as easy as it sounds to be. It involves texting a lot of women who in return snubs you or say ‘hi’ and then disappear. This discourages a lot of guys from involving actively in internet dating services.

So, as a woman, you shouldn’t think that a guy is desperate for replying to your texts too quickly. They are just not that bombard with a lot of messages like women. Therefore, if a guy texts you, and you realize that you like him, do not make him wait for the whole day before giving him a response.

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