10 Signs He Is Toxic For You

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Identifying toxic people can be tricky, especially at the beginning of a relationship. How then do you know if a guy is toxic? How does a toxic boyfriend behave?

In this blog post, I will share the signs that tell a guy or a man is toxic in a relationship.

What does it mean to be a toxic person?

Being a toxic person simply means that your attitude has negative effects on people around you. Toxic people are manipulative, controlling, abusive, and extremely jealous when they’re in a relationship.

Below are the signs that tell a man is toxic.

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10 Signs he is toxic

01. He’s controlling in nature

The most common sign he is toxic is that he likes controlling others. Men with controlling behaviors tend to be manipulative of their partners.

They may manipulate you with words or through their actions. For example, they say things like “If you really cared about me, you would do it.” “I guess I’m not good enough for you, if not you would have.” etc. All these are manipulative words toxic people use to control their victims.

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02. He is extremely abusive

A guy who is toxic is always abusive in a relationship. For example, he abuses you verbally through name-calling. He abuses you emotionally or psychologically by making you think there’s something wrong with you, or even by physical abuse.

03. He always lies to you

Toxic people are not only abusers but liars also. People who tell lies to others just to find their way out are toxic in nature. Remember that, the word ‘toxic’ in normal parlance simply means something poisonous, and lies are detrimental to a healthy relationship.

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04. He’s always negative

Negativity is not a good sign. Therefore, you should take note of that.

Men who are toxic always criticize others no matter how good they are. They will always find reasons to condemn them and make them feel bad about themselves.

So, if you are dating a guy who is always negative about others, it is a sign he is a toxic boyfriend.

05. He’s envious of others and extremely jealous

Being envious of others simply means you hate seeing other people progress. Jealousy on the other hand is a natural feeling in everyone, especially when you are in a romantic relationship. But being extremely jealous can be bad and a sign of toxicity.

Jealous people can steal, kill or do anything to get what they want. So, if your man is always jealous to the extent of acting in an unusual manner, he is toxic.

6. He is passive-aggressive

Sometimes, toxic men try to conceal their toxicity but it will often manifest in the form of passive aggression. Being passively-aggressive simply means expressing anger, resentment, or hostility, indirectly towards others. And most times, passive-aggressive people tend to blame others for their anger or resentment.

7. He’s too proud to admit his faults

Pride kills a relationship. A guy who is toxic is often full of himself and does not admit his fault nor apologize when he’s wrong. So, don’t think that a toxic person is only someone who abuses or controls you.

8. His presence brings discomfort to your life

If there is one sign you will notice when you are dating a guy who is toxic is that you will never be yourself in the relationship. His presence takes away peace of mind from you, and you always feel trapped in the relationship.

9. Excessive need for attention

A guy who always craves excessive attention from others is not only a narcissist but a toxic person. He feels bad when you don’t notice every small thing about him and he calls you an “insensitive girlfriend.”

10. He disregards your boundaries

If there is one thing that makes a person a good partner in a relationship is their ability to respect the other person’s boundaries. A Guy who constantly crosses your boundaries is toxic for you and will not bring anything good into the relationship.

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Identifying a toxic guy requires you to pay attention to his conduct and behavior toward you and others. If he treats you better and treats others badly, he will one day turn out to start treating you the same way he does others.

In conclusion, the signs he is toxic are summarized as follows:

  • He’s controlling in nature
  • He is extremely abusive
  • He always lies to you
  • He’s always negative
  • He’s envious of others and extremely jealous
  • He is passive-aggressive
  • He’s too proud to admit his faults
  • His presence brings discomfort to your life
  • Excessive need for attention
  • He disregards your boundaries

What to do when a guy is being toxic

The basic thing to do when dealing with a toxic guy is to prioritize your own well-being and set clear boundaries, pointing out behaviors that are unacceptable in the relationship. If the toxicity persists, you have the right to walk away from the relationship.

Do toxic men ever change?

Change is inevitable. It is possible that toxic men can change only if they are willing to work on themselves. This can be achieved by visiting a therapist, being aware of those toxic behaviors in you, and dedicating your time to working on them.

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10 Signs he is toxic
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