What To Do When Someone Lies To You In A Relationship
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What To Do When Someone Lies To You In A Relationship

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Dishonesty kills a relationship. It hurts when you realize that someone you love lied to you. Read on to discover what to do when your partner lies to you in a relationship.

Relationship lies are one of the things that destroy most romantic relationships. When your significant other lies to you, the first thing you ponder on is “why they deliberately refused to say the truth, not minding how committed you are to each other.” It is a betrayal of trust.

Being lied to by someone you love can bring depression, low self-esteem, anger, and hatred towards that person. But today, I’m going to show you what to do when someone lies to you in a relationship.

When someone lies to you and you know the truth, it makes you feel inferior and unworthy of being loved. Most people will consider ending a relationship with a liar than being deceived again by the same person you called your partner. So, here’s what to do when your boyfriend lies to your face, or even your girlfriend or someone you love so much.

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Is lying acceptable in a relationship?

Dishonesty is one of the things most people frown at in a relationship. To some couples or lovers, it is a deal-breaker. Therefore, lying is not acceptable in any relationship. Would you prefer your partner telling you lies instead of the truth? I guess you don’t want that.

People tell lies in most relationships for some reason. But no matter what your purpose of telling lies is, just know that it is capable of tearing your relationship apart.

What does a lie do to a relationship?

Research shows that telling lies destroys a relationship. Dishonesty diminishes trust between couples.

Lying is a form of deceit and betrayal of trust. A single lie from you can bring an end to your relationship especially if it is a delicate matter (that you lied about). For example, lying about your past relationship.

Most lovers who already have kids lie to their new partner at the beginning of the relationship. What do you think will be their reaction when they discover you’re a liar?

Some also cheat on their partner and try covering up with their lies. All these are capable of ruining a happy relationship.

What to do when someone lies to you in a relationship

Here’s how to react when your partner lies to you.

1. Tell them you already know the truth

When someone lies to you, they assume you don’t know the truth of the matter. But making them realize that they are lying will calm everything down. For instance, they will stop arguing and listen to you for you to prove their lies.

If you have any evidence, tender it before them. That is the first thing to do when your partner lies to you.

2. Inquire of them to know why they lied to you

In a normal circumstance, your partner doesn’t suppose to lie to you. But don’t judge yet. Inquire of them to know why they deliberately refused to tell you the truth. They may simply be afraid of breaking your heart, that is why they lied to you.

Whatever their reason may be. Just make sure you realize why they lied to you before taking further steps.

3. If their offence is pardonable, forgive them

There is no healthy relationship without offenses. What keeps your relationship moving is your ability to let go of the past.

So far life is concerned, offenses must come. It is left for you to decide whether to forgive and let go or to end the relationship.

If your partner lied about something not too crucial in your relationship, then you should forgive him or her. If not, consider taking the next step below.

4. End the relationship if you can’t forgive their offence

If after forgiving your partner several times after lying to you, they continued with their lies, then you should consider ending the relationship if you can’t tolerate their deceit anymore.

There is nothing wrong with ending a relationship with a liar. Instead of you being in an unhappy relationship, it is better you break up. Most people in sad relationships feel lonely no matter the level of intimacy they have with their spouse.

What to say to someone that lied to you

  1. It is unfortunate that you take my honesty for laxity by lying to me.
  2. You are not being honest
  3. Lies are easily said than the truth.
  4. I guess it takes nothing, to tell the truth instead of lying to me.
  5. Stop all these lies and tell me the truth
  6. Tell me the truth, I’m ready to forgive you
  7. Lies are lies, big or small
  8. Stop pretending as if you don’t know the truth.
  9. Does lying to me show you love me?
  10. Do you want to make me stop trusting you because of your lies?
  11. How will you feel if someone you love lies to you?
  12. Is it because I’m not worth the truth that made you lie to me?
  13. People lie, actions don’t.
  14. I have always trusted you, how come you lied to me?
How do you feel when someone lies to you?

When you realize that someone is lying and you know the truth, the first thing that happens is, you will feel bad for not been told the truth. Those feelings bring depression, anger, and even decreases your self-worth.

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