10 Relationship Deal Breakers You Shouldn’t Tolerate
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10 Relationship Deal Breakers You Shouldn’t Tolerate

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Every individual has their own deal breakers in a relationship.

Relationship deal breakers are those traits you frown at and you are likely to end your relationship because of them. For instance, lying, cheating, physical or emotional abuse, and some other controlling behaviours from your partner.

Most times, these relationship red flags manifest early on but are unnoticeable to some couples. Whereas others notice it on time but decide not to put them into consideration, thinking that their partner will change later.

Deal Breakers In A Relationship

1. Being cheated on

If you find out that your partner cheats on you, without any form of remorse or plan to change, quit the relationship. You don’t have to continue forgiving him or her, expecting that they will change as time goes on.

Once a cheat is always a cheat. If your partner truly loves you, he/she will be faithful to you. So, stop wasting your time if you discover that your significant other cheats on you.

Here are the reasons why people cheat in a relationship.

2. Constant abuse

Is he or she an abusive partner? A toxic relationship will do more harm to you than good. If your partner abuses you, then it is time to call it a quit.

Does he or she beat or shout at you in the public? These are abusive behaviours and shouldn’t be tolerated in a relationship.

3. Telling constant lies

Honesty is very important for every relationship that wants to succeed.

The habit of constantly lying to you shouldn’t be tolerated in a relationship. One of the best ways to develop trust in a relationship is, to be honest with your partner.

But when your relationship is built on lies, be ready for other negative traits that will arise as time goes on.

4. Having a controlling or manipulative behaviour

Dating a controlling or a manipulative partner can be so frustrating. They will always lure you into doing what you never planned to do.

Manipulation is not a sign of a healthy relationship and you should say no to such union.

Some controlling behaviours include threatening to break up with you if you fail to comply with them, forcing you to go against your will, etc.

5. Repeated lack of respect for your privacy

Respect is highly needed in every relationship.

Does your partner have regards for your privacy? Or do they always try to know everything that are confidential to you?

For instance, they always check your phone to see who you are chatting with, who called you, or to monitor your whereabouts.

Such behaviour is not healthy and you should run for your life. So, disrespect for your values and privacy is another deal-breaker you should consider in a relationship.

6. Disregards for your opinion and values

You are equal to your partner. You have the rights to be heard and to give your own opinion. But if your partner does not value your opinions, you should consider leaving the relationship.

What makes a relationship stronger and healthier is the ability of the couples to communicate effectively and attend to each other’s needs.

7. Unwillingness to take responsibility

The worst choice you can ever make is to date an irresponsible man or woman. Such people are never willing to assume or take full responsibility.

Does your partner leave everything for you? For instance, paying for the house rent, paying for the Children school fees, or bringing money for food?

Do you carry all these loads all alone (I’m addressing the women)? If you consider it a deal breaker, then you should go on and quit.

8. Your partner is too arrogant to apologize when they’re at fault

Pride kills a relationship.

How does your partner act or react when they’re at fault?

Does he/she constantly lay the blames on you instead of apologizing? This is also another relationship deal breaker to consider.

A proud partner can never make a good and loving partner. Rather, they will end up destroying your self-esteem.

9. Poor hygiene

To some couples, poor hygiene is their major deal breaker.

If you are among those allergic to poor hygiene, you should consider discussing it with your partner. If they fail to change, then you can decide to quit.

10.Your partner is always jealous

I have seen many healthy relationships collapse simply because one person is jealous in the relationship.

A jealous partner is likely to abuse their significant other. So, if you feel you can’t tolerate this deal breaker anymore, then consider quitting the relationship.

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