Why Do People Cheat in Relationships?
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Why Do People Cheat in Relationships?

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Everyone assumes-falling out of love is the root of infidelity. Are they not a couple who love each other, but still cheat? If so, why do people cheat in relationships?

According to research, 21.6% of couples divorce as a result of infidelity. Discovering that your partner has cheated on you can be so frustrating. You may feel hurt, miserable, or even debilitated especially if you never anticipated them doing such. It is a betrayal of trust, love and friendship.

Still, wondering if your partner is having an affair? Here are the signs of unfaithfulness in a relationship.

In this post, you are going to see:

  • The common reasons why people cheat, and
  • How to recover self-esteem after being cheated on.

Why Do People Cheat in Relationships?

Below are the common reasons why even happy people cheat on their partner, either by emotional affairs, micro-cheating, or extramarital liaison.

1. Inordinate desire for sex

Powerful urges for sexual satisfaction are the most well-known trigger for cheating. Individuals in a long-distance relationship are frequently enticed to cheat on their partner to fulfil their sexual desire. Another regular factor is viewing of erotic shows (pornographies). They activate this longing to have sex (lust), especially when you are a long way from your partner.

“Pornography has been shown to debilitate commitment in relationships since it creates a completely false impression of what a normal body looks like and what sexual behaviour is really about.” Says Gary Gilles.

2. Peer influencee

Most couples have affairs because of their friends’ influence. If you find yourself in the company of those who cheat on their partner, you will probably copy their lifestyle, except you discipline yourself. So the vast majority are unfaithful because of their friends’ impression of infidelity. They have made them perceive cheating as a way of recuperating from relationship boredom or loneliness.

3. Exposure to unfaithfulness from childhood

Some agitating research published in the Journal of Family Issues found that children whose parents or guardians were unfaithful were twice as likely to be faithless themselves.

In this case, most couples imitate their parents’ attitudes. On the off chance that he or she was raised in a home where the dad or the mum cheats, they will probably do likewise in their relationship.

4. Dissatisfaction

Couples cheat because they feel there is something they are lacking in their relationship. Lack of sexual satisfaction, and unmet emotional and physical needs motivate people to cheat in a relationship.

They have no option other than to look for a way to procure those things they couldn’t get from their partner. For instance, financial needs, affection, and sexual gratification. This state of discomfort lures them into adultery.

5. Boredom or Loneliness

No man is an island. Everybody needs to test new things or other lifestyles. Some claim that they have extramarital relationships just to try diverse sex positions. Others state that it is not healthy to eat one food all through the year. Therefore, they need to taste different ones to know how they really taste.

Most couples have affairs to recuperate from depression, particularly those in a long-distance relationship. They are simply tired of coping. They need some emotional relief to regain their happiness. In order to solve this problem, they decide to cheat.

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6. Revenge

Most people have affairs just to retaliate against their partner’s past unfaithfulness. Possibly their partner has cheated on them before, they now take advantage of the occasion to fight back.

It hurts when a loved one betrays you. Someone you trusted, loved, and regarded to such an extent, and in the end, they become treacherous.

7. Lack of intimacy

Falling out of love is another factor that motivates people to cheat. They go searching for love and sexual satisfaction on the off chance that they feel detached and disliked by their partner. For example, people in an emotionally abusive relationship. They have affairs because they have lost the chemistry that exists between them and their partner. In other to feel cherished and appreciated, they choose to take part in extramarital issues.

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How do you recover self-esteem after being cheated on?

Are you suffering from the pains of infidelity? Has your partner destroyed your self-esteem by cheating on you? Here are the ways you can regain self-confidence again. Indeed, love hurts, but there is always a way out.

1. Never stop loving yourself

Most people develop hatred for everyone, including themselves after being cheated on. But it will definitely do you more harm than good. Don’t try to detest or consider yourself to be an inadequate partner that has nothing to bring to the table in a relationship. Rather, start loving yourself, the more. Never stop practising self-love.

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2. Remember that your partner isn’t perfect, and ought to be forgiven

We are living in a world full of imperfect and selfish people. We all make mistakes. If you have been cheated on, just try to wear off those negative feelings. I know it is so difficult to do. But you just have to in order to regain emotional freedom. Forgive your partner and move on with the relationship if you still want to. But if you don’t, go ahead and end it.

3. Give yourself some time to heal

It hurts when you realize that your partner is having an affair. Upon all the love and attention you shower on them, they still have the mind to cheat on you. But you don’t have to see everything from that point of view. Distance yourself from them. Not that you are avoiding them, but rather you simply need to recover from the pain. In this way, give yourself an ideal opportunity to heal from the trauma.


To sum up everything, here are the various reasons why people cheat:

  • Inordinate desire for sex
  • Peer influence
  • Exposure to unfaithfulness from childhood
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Boredom/Loneliness
  • To take revenge
  • Lack of intimacy


Couples Reveal 7 Reasons Why They Cheat On Their Partners
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