23 Signs Your Ex Regrets Dumping You
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23 Signs Your Ex Regrets Dumping You

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Are you searching for signs your ex regrets dumping you? We all want to know how our ex feels after the breakup. This post will help you identify the signs your ex regrets losing you.

Breakup is a tough experience. No one feels happy after losing a loved one. When your ex regrets breaking up with you, there are signs he or she will display that will help you figure out. It is after you have identified these signs that you can tell if your ex will eventually come back or not. Before we proceed to these signs, you also need to take a look at these 20 signs that tell your ex is testing you and how you can eventually make your ex feel jealous after dumping you.

Do you want to know if your ex-girlfriend regrets breaking up with you, or your ex-boyfriend or even your ex-husband regrets leaving you, here are signs that will help you figure out.

Signs Your Ex Regrets Dumping You

1. They feel nervous around you

One of the signs your ex regrets dumping you is that he or she feels anxious whenever they are with you. They show this nervousness by trying to explain why they dumped you. It’s a sign they feel sad for leaving you for another person.

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2. They try to be nice to you

If your ex starts acting nicer after breaking up with you, it doesn’t mean they just want to be nice to you. But it’s a sign they regret breaking up with you. They are just being nice to know if you will give them a second chance.

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3. They often feel sorry for everything that happened

Have you ever been with your ex after the breakup and noticed him or her trying to apologize to you for everything that happened? Or even tried to blame themselves for the whole thing? It is a sign they feel sorry for dumping you.

4. They keep checking up on you

Did your ex suddenly appear after a while of not getting in touch with you? Did they start texting you or calling you to see how you are doing? It does not mean they are caring for you. This is a sign they are having a sleepless night because of you. And they are now regretting dumping you.

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5. They want to be friends with you

If your ex regrets leaving you, he or she will want both of you to remain friends. An ex doesn’t just ask for a friendship with someone they broke up with if he or she isn’t feeling sorry for how the relationship ended. So, if your ex is telling you that they want the both of you to remain friends, notwithstanding that you are no longer together, it is a great sign they are sad about leaving you for another person.

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6. They’re asking for a second chance

Your ex may not directly tell you they want you to come back but they might tell you something like ‘they’re sorry for the whole thing and they know you can both resolve whatever caused the breakup and reconnect with each other. This statement shows your ex wants to date you again because they regret abandoning you.

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A man looking at his wife as she removes her wedding ring

7. They get obsessed with you

If your ex often wants to spend time with you, communicate with you or even feels jealous anytime they see you with another person, it is a sign they regret dumping you. You occupy their minds every day and they feel very bad for losing you or letting you go.

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8. They remind you of the good times you spent together

If your ex often talks about your past life with them and how they enjoyed your presence and the beautiful places you went together, they’re trying to tell you they regret breaking up with you and they want you back. People don’t talk about the past if there’s nothing they want you to know or learn from the story.

9. They act nice to your friends

Your ex can exhibit the signs he or she regrets dumping you by being nice to people that matter in your life. For instance, your friends and family members. Your ex may decide to be good to them if he or she realizes they have made the biggest mistake of their life and they want to sustain that friendship. This sign manifests mostly in a marriage where either the wife or husband dumps their partner. You will know your husband regrets dumping you if he starts to be nice to people that are close to you, especially your family and friends.

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10. They engage with your posts on social media

It is expected that after a break up your ex should maintain their distance but if he or she doesn’t but still follows you on social media and engages with your posts, he or she is not happy about how they left you. You shouldn’t have noticed your ex’s presence if he or she has finally moved on.

11. They try flirting with you

Does your ex-boyfriend, ex-husband, ex-wife or ex-girlfriend often make efforts to flirt with you to see your reaction, he or she might not necessarily be tempting you. It might be that they are still attracted to you and sincerely feel repentant over the way they broke up with you.

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12. They find reasons to meet you

When your ex regrets dumping you, they find excuses or reasons to see you and even discuss matters with you. They’re not going to tell you any other thing if not how much they miss you and why you should stay together again.

A girl feeling jealous as she sees her ex-boyfriend with another girl

13. They get jealous

That your ex has abandoned you do not mean they will not get jealous if they regret leaving you. They get jealous when they see you with another person. But why should they feel jealous since they have left you? It simply means they are still attracted to you and are worried that maybe you have found another person.

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14. They ask if you’re still single

If your ex asks you whether you’re still single or not, they’re not only indirectly telling you they regret leaving you but they also want you back.

15. They ask about you

Don’t be surprised when your ex asks about you. It is a sign they are bothered about how they dumped you and want to know how you feel about them. Your ex may not come directly and tell you they regret breaking up with you but if they still care for you, it is a signal they still love you and feel bad for leaving you.

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16. They tell you they still have feelings for you

When an ex is sad about abandoning you, they try to let you know they still love you. This may not mean they want you back but it may be a sign they’re regretting their actions right now and wants to reconcile with you.

17. They’re affectionate towards you

Like I stated earlier that when your ex feels sorry for dumping you, they start to act nice to everyone that is close to you. It doesn’t end there. They will try to extend their benevolence to you by treating you with respect, paying attention to your words and needs, and being more affectionate towards you.

18. They blame themselves for the breakup

Does your ex often blame him or herself for breaking up with you even when it seems they’re not really the cause of the breakup? It is another signal they feel bad for dumping you. If they were not regretting their actions, they would have not laid the whole blame on themselves.

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19. They don’t hesitate to help you

If your ex is feel remorseful over the breakup, he or she will always make themselves available to help you each time you need their assistance. It is expected that when you split up with someone, you withhold your love, presence and everything that concerns you from them. But if your ex is still there for you, it means they have not moved on.

20. They try to show they have changed

When an ex regrets ending their relationship with you they try to make some changes in their life to show they have totally changed. Maybe, they dumped you when they were drunk and under the influence of drugs, but now they have minimized the intake of drugs and alcohol. This is a big sign they regret making you leave their life.

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21. They are still single

Your ex could have been in a new relationship now if they are happy without you. But if you notice that they just left their new relationship and chose to be single instead of dating another person, it is a big sign they regret abandoning you. Your ex should have been happy with someone else if they are not regretting their actions by now. But since they are still single, it is assumed they are not happy about breaking up with you.

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22. They stalk you

When an ex regrets dumping you they find possible means to monitor your life, relationship status and the company you keep. They try everything possible to stop you from dating another person. They’re not doing this because they hate you but because they have realized their mistakes and want to have you in their life again.

23. They try to impress you

Whether by playing your favourite songs or by doing something you really love. They don’t mind discomforting themselves just to put a smile on your face. It is a sign they’re now remorseful for leaving you and may like you to come back.

How long does it take ex to regret?

It normally takes 6 months to 1 year for an ex to start missing you and regret dumping you. By this time they have started remembering the memories you shared with them and everything they miss about you.

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