How To Make Your Ex Jealous With These 5 Tricks
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How To Make Your Ex Jealous With These 5 Tricks

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Do you want to know how to make your ex jealous? These 5 tricks will make your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend get jealous, and regret leaving you.

Making an ex desire you more, or even miss you is the end goal of everyone, after a breakup. We all want to know how our ex feels without us.

We make some inquiries, and even check their social media accounts to know if they are still single, or have started a new relationship.

But the irony is that your ex may also be following your updates on social media to know your current relationship status. That is why you should consider making them jealous by reminding them of the good things they have missed about you.

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Is making an ex jealous a good thing?

If you still love your ex but want to make them desire you more, or even miss you, then you should consider making them feel jealous. This will make them realize that they are not the only person that is capable of loving you. There are a vast number of people, looking for an opportunity to date you.

So, now the relationship is over, use this privilege to make them realize all the good things they missed about you. Even if your ex doesn’t have feelings for you, anymore, making them envious can revive the romantic feelings they once have for you.

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How to make your ex jealous

1. Post a picture of yourself with the opposite gender on your social media account

To instil jealousy in your ex, post a picture of yourself with the opposite gender on your social media accounts. This will arouse the green-eyed monster in your ex, once they think other people are trying to occupy the position they once occupied in your life.

Generally, people feel jealous when they realize that another person is about to take what belongs to them.

Making your ex see a picture of you with another person will make them curious to know if he or she is your new boyfriend, girlfriend, or just a friend. Once they become eager to find out, they will definitely feel jealous.

So, all I want you to do is to take a picture with a male or a female friend (depending on your gender) and post them on your WhatsApp status, Facebook account, or your Instagram.

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2. Avoid texting them on time

Your ex will feel they have lost you to another person if you can learn to slow down how you reply to their texts. This will make them think you are busy chatting with other people, and you no longer have time for them.

If they complain that you don’t reply on time, tell them you have a lot of messages to reply to. This will make them envious once they realize they are no longer your priority.

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3. Apply the no contact rule

The no contact rule is a period of time you have decided that you are not going to contact your ex after the breakup until that time is over.

The no contact rule is also a technique anyone can use to get his or her ex back. It really works. But how are you going to adopt this method?

Simply cut off all forms of communication with your ex after your breakup. Continue to log in to your social media accounts, but don’t text, open or reply to their text messages. This will make them miss you, desire you more, and probably feel jealous for not being able to get your attention anymore.

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4. Show Them, love, for a while and stop

If you and your ex have been in a platonic friendship after your breakup, you can make them feel jealous by being affectionate with them for a while, and distance yourself by pretending you no longer care for them.

This will make them wonder what you are up to, and regret breaking up with you.

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5. Take care of yourself

Taking proper care of yourself does two things to your ex. One is that it reminds them that they are missing a lot about you. Secondly, it makes them feel jealous once they realize you are no longer their own. Therefore, they can’t have you anymore.

Do not stop practising self-love after the breakup. And you should avoid posting some breakup quotes on your status to reveal how bad you feel for breaking up with them.

Update your social media account with some interesting pictures. Plait or cut a new hairstyle to make yourself look good. Be happy with yourself, and improve to become a better person. Your ex will definitely regret leaving you, and feel jealous once they realize they have missed a lot about you.

To make your ex-girlfriend feel jealous on social media like WhatsApp?

Take a picture with another girl and upload it to your WhatsApp status. This will make her think you have gotten a new girlfriend and will definitely become jealous.

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