How To Get A Guy To Like You Even If He Doesn’t
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How To Get A Guy To Like You Even If He Doesn’t

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It is normal to look for how to get a guy to like you. But it is not possible to make a guy fall in love with you if you can’t get him to notice you.

In this post, I will be sharing with you, the various ways you can make a guy likes you, without even saying a word to him. All you need is to carefully read and apply the methods I shall outline in this post and see the magic work for you.

Before we jump into how to make a guy likes you, do you even know the signs that tell a guy likes you? You need to identify these signs, first, so that you will be able to tell if he’s already liking you or not.

How To Get A Guy To Like You

1. Know the type of girls he wants

Every guy has the type of woman he wants. It might be a quiet woman, fair in complexion, tall, an introvert, or even an extrovert.

It is only when you have realized the type of girls that guy likes associating with that you can move on to the next step, below.

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A guy admiring a girl he likes

2. Be that girl he wants

After discovering the types of girls that attract him, the next step to make him like you is to try and be that girl he would want to date.

I’m not telling you to turn into another person. All I’m saying is that you should do those things he finds attractive. Tell him what he wants to hear.

For instance, if he’s the type that loves reading, then, consider going to the library with him.

If he’s the type that loves playing games, then, offer to play with him. This will make him start to notice you.

Men are very smart when it comes to understanding the body language of a woman. By doing these things, you are drawing closer to him.

A guy will not just wake up one day and like you if he has not had an opportunity to meet and interact with you. So, give him that chance by coming out of your comfort zone.

Hang out with your friends, especially in a place he will easily see you.

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3. Look smart

In the process of trying to be the type of girl he wants, don’t forget that guys are mostly attracted to what they see.

What does that mean? You need to look your best.

In fact, even men themselves said that they are often attracted to the physical appearance of a woman. That is why you need to learn how men fall in love. So, do not forget to dress in a way that will attract him.

I have come to notice that women are more attractive when they put on red or pink coloured clothes. These two colours charm our eyes. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try other colours. Try as many colours as you can and see the one that makes him keep looking at you. That may be the colour of his choice.

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4. Be confident when you are around him

Honestly, boys like girls who are confident around them. That doesn’t mean you should be intimidating. Act a little shy when you are around him, but don’t be too quiet. You can also read our tips on how to impress a guy you are meeting for the first time.

Every guy likes a quiet but assertive woman. Being assertive does not mean you will be talkative. Also, being quiet does not mean you should be as domicile as a lamb. Rather, it means you shouldn’t be too quiet or too intimidating. Just be in between.

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5. Don’t be afraid to maintain eye contact with him

Maintaining eye contact with a guy is an indirect way to let him know that you like him. A guy can easily notice you if he realizes that you are looking at him.

When he looks back, don’t be in a haste to look away. Maintain eye contact with him for some seconds before looking away. If you don’t mind, smile at him, especially when something interesting happens around that place.

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5 Ways to get a guy to like you even if he doesn't
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