11 Signs Your Crush Is Jealous But Hiding It
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11 Signs Your Crush Is Jealous But Hiding It

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If you are wondering whether your crush is jealous but doesn’t want to let you know, there are signs that can help you figure it out. Continue reading to get the signs that tell your crush is jealous but is trying to hide it.

People get jealous for some reason. If your crush often gets jealous, it is an indication that he or she likes you. You can read more in my previous post about the signs that tell your crush likes you. And if you are also wondering whether your friends are envious of you too, here is my previous post about the signs of a jealous friend.

Whereas some people are honest enough to express their jealousy, some are good at hiding their feelings when they are jealous. People who conceal their jealousy often battle with their emotions independently. If you ever notice any of these behaviors in your crush, they’re tale signs he or she is jealous and hiding it.

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Signs Your Crush Is Jealous But Hiding It

1. They get nervous and upset when you’re with another person

Your crush may decide to pretend that he or she is not jealous by telling you they’re fine, especially when they see you with another person. But if you notice they’re always nervous whenever they see you with the opposite sex, it is a great sign they are hiding their jealousy. People who hide their jealousy often express it through anger. They get upset even when you have done nothing wrong. But you can tell the reason for their anger if you can remember what happened when they saw you talking with the opposite. Were they nervous or even got angry at every slightest provocation? This is the way they’re secretly telling you they’re jealous but don’t want to say it.

2. They ask too many questions

Do you often find yourself trying to explain yourself over and over but it seems they’re not getting you? It does not mean your crush is dumb. When your crush becomes too curious about you and your activities, they’re signs he or she is jealous but trying to not reveal it. For instance, they ask you about a certain number on your phone, a particular Facebook friend, where you are, who you are with, and what you are doing. These are not getting-to-know-you questions. They’re asking you all these because they’re secretly battling with jealousy but don’t want you to know.

3. They often doubt you

Does your crush often need a million explanations to believe you? Do they often doubt you not to show they’re disrespectful but because they’re battling with trust? People don’t just stop trusting you if they have not developed a sense of jealousy within. When your crush is jealous, they often doubt whatever you say. For instance, they doubt it when you tell them you went to see a friend or when they ask you about a particular person. All these are feelings of jealousy they don’t want to reveal.

4. They get distant

Some crushes pull away when they get jealous. They’re doing this because they don’t want to express how they feel. Instead, they want to be left alone to battle with their feelings independently. But you will get to know how they feel by asking them questions. Let them realize you’re not happy with how they’ve been distant from you. They will open up to you if they like you. People who act this way are shy people and people who are reserved.

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5. They often check up on you

Another sign that tells your crush is jealous is that they constantly check up on you. They monitor you to know your whereabouts. They don’t mind calling you 100 times a day. You may think they’re being too nice, but NO! They’re jealous but want to find every reason to not be.

6. They get obsessed with you

Do you know that jealousy can make your crush get obsessed with you? This manifests in the form of being too clingy to you. They don’t give you space to do things alone or even go out with your friends without them. They just want to spend every minute with you. They call you 10 times per day just to tell you how much they miss you. This is a sign of insecurity from your crush. He or she is being clingy because they feel insecure.

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7. They often check your phone

A jealous crush will always find reasons to access your phone. They might decide to take permission to check their social media accounts from your phone, watch movies, or even listen to music. But sometimes, they’re just curious about the contacts on your phone, who you text on social media, and the pictures of the other crushes you have in your phone gallery.

8. They monitor you

Another way to know if your crush is jealous is through the amount of time and attention they give to you. Sometimes, they will even ask a friend to help them monitor your activities, the type of friends you keep, how many girls or guys are in your midst, and where you are going.

9. They often ask you to reassure them of your love

Do you often hear statements like, ‘I doubt if you love me,’ ‘tell me you love me if you do,’ ‘reassures me we are still together.’ All these are words that tell your crush is battling with jealousy but hiding it. Everyone who gets jealous makes these statements at some point in their relationship.

10. You can tell through their body language

Have you ever noticed your crush staring at you when you are having a conversation with another guy or girl but suddenly looks away when you catch their eyes? That is how some people act when they are jealous, especially when you are talking to another person.

11. They’re unhappy when you talk about the opposite sex

The final sign you should take note of, that will help you figure out if your crush is jealous is that they often feel unhappy whenever you talk about other girls or guys in their presence. Talking about someone else you like decreases their self-confidence. It makes them feel they’re not good enough for you. All these are signs your crush is jealous.

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11 Signs your crush is jealous but is trying to hide it
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