How To Get Revenge On Your Ex And Make Them Regret Dumping You
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How To Get Revenge On Your Ex And Make Them Regret Dumping You

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Most relationships don’t end well. Sometimes, your heart gets so broken that you think of no other remedy but how to get revenge on your ex. It is normal to feel bad after a breakup. After all, our heart is not a tasting machine you can use anyhow and dump any time you want. Here are some ideas on how to get that painful break-up revenge you have been plotting against your ex. I know you wouldn’t want to go against the law while trying to achieve this. So, I have added some tips on how to take this vengeance legally too. Here is also a post about the signs your ex will surely come back. Or if you still want to get back to them, here are some tips on how to successfully reunite with your ex.

Ex boyfriend pleading with his ex girlfriend

How to get revenge on your ex

1. Date their best friend

Dating their best friend is the best way to pay back your ex. It will make them feel jealous. This is the number one revenge style you should adopt. It shouldn’t stop there. Post a picture of you two (you and their best friend) online. They will eventually see it and feel bad. It shouldn’t stop there also. Post a love quote that describes how amazing your new relationship is. It shouldn’t end there either. In the love quote, add something like, ‘All these years, I have been dating a jark thinking I’m in love. Now I have a true experience of love (Add more for yourself).’

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2. Hack their social media account

When your heart is broken so bad, you can do anything possible just to make your ex feel bad too. And a possible way to do this is to hack their social media account. If you don’t know how to achieve that, hire a professional hacker to help you. This is the best way to inconvenience your ex by being cruel to them. Even if you won’t achieve anything by doing this, you just want to teach your ex the very best lesson of their life.

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3. Wait for their wedding day

This is the worst revenge you can ever get on your ex; showing up on their wedding day. You are not going there to celebrate with them. You are going there to cancel the marriage if you have enough reason. Isn’t that against the law?

You can do this legally if you have a tangible fact that will stand as an impediment to their wedding. For instance, if you had a child with them. But you should know that the law does not force people to marry each other. Rather, there will be a remedy for you at last. It can be in form of compensation, etc.

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4. Surprise them with a new look

The best revenge is living well. Make your ex miss you by looking your very best to show how amazing you are. You can actualize this by posting a picture of your new look or what you have achieved so far, since the breakup. Celebrate your achievement and tag some friends except your ex. This will make them curious to know how you’ve been since the breakup and will eventually feel sorry for hurting you.

5. Blast them with an anonymous message

If the vengeance you have taken so far is not enough for you, you can take another one by sending your ex an annoying anonymous message. In the message, tell them how bad and heartless they are. But remember to do everything anonymously. Here are some ideas on what to text your ex after the no contact rule.

6. Make their new partner feel jealous

You can send their new boyfriend or girlfriend a romantic picture (something like where you were kissing each other) you snapped with their partner (your ex). You need to open a new social media account with a different name and face on it to do this. Or you can log in to your ex’s social media account if you still have the details at hand to take this anonymous revenge on them.

7. Always disturb him with anonymous calls

You can get a new private line to be calling your ex late at night, whenever they are at work, or anytime you just feel like disturbing them. Make sure you keep flashing them or keep saying hello (in a way they won’t recognize your voice) when they call you back until their battery ruins down. This is another breakup revenge style you can use on your ex.

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8. Act as if you don’t know they exist

Now they have left you, you need to act like you never knew them before. This is a way to retaliate against your ex. You can do this by snubbing their text messages, ignoring them when you meet on the road, or when you see them at a friend’s party, acting as if you don’t know them is the best way to revenge. This will really annoy your ex.

9. Name your dog after your Ex

This can be a funny way to pay back your ex for breaking up with you. This shows that you have reduced the prestige you had for your ex to the level of seeing them as an animal. No matter how lovely you treat your dog(s), they will never cease from being animals. So, is time to start seeing your ex as an animal by naming your dog after them.

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