13 Signs A Guy Loves You With All His Heart
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13 Signs A Guy Loves You With All His Heart

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When you are about to give your heart away to a man, the first question that comes into your mind is – does he love me? Read on to discover the signs he loves you.

Everyone is careful when it comes to the issue of the heart. Breakup experience pains. No lady would like to give her love away to a guy that doesn’t love her.

But how do you know if a man loves you? Are there ways he will act, or things he will do to show he really cares for you?

We all question our partner’s feelings at some point in life, no matter how committed we are to each other.

Maybe your boyfriend or husband had said “I love you” several times, but you are not yet sure of his feelings for you. Don’t worry. This post will help you discover it soon.

Does He Love Me?

Maybe you’ve been dating your boyfriend for a long time now, but still can’t figure out if he really loves you.

Most guys find it difficult to express their feelings, especially shy guys. In other words, that he doesn’t like public romance or hasn’t said “I love you” since you became his girlfriend may not necessarily mean he doesn’t care.

Love is more of action than words. Love is a verb. Therefore, it must always be accompanied by actions. So, whether he has said those three words (I love you) or not, you will know if he really loves you by his actions.

If he does any of the following, they are signs he loves you.

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13 Signs He Loves You


1. He respects your wishes

When a guy loves you, the first thing he does is respect you, your body, time, privacy, and your wishes. He will never force himself on you to love him or agree with him as most guys do. In other words, he doesn’t try to manipulate or control you. Rather, he allows you to be yourself and make the right choices for yourself.

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2. He adds value to your life

A relationship is not all about romance, love, and sex. A good relationship should have the ability to transform your life positively.

So, if your boyfriend contributes or invests in your life to make you a better person, then he really cares for you. For instance, he gives you a piece of advice or encourages you to become a better version of yourself.

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3. He’s always ready to support you

One of the signs a man loves you is that he always supports your dreams, both financially, mentally, and spiritually. He always tries to put your needs first before his own.

He gives without expecting anything in return. His priority is to see you smile always. This is what we should all be doing in our relationships. Don’t be the only one receiving. Rather, look for a way to support your significant other.

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4. He listens to you

A good sign of love is when your partner pays attention to you. A loving partner will always give you their listening ear to understand your problems and find solutions to them.

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A guy giving a girl a surprise flower as a gift to demonstrate the signs he loves you

5. He surprises you

It can be giving you little gifts on your birthday, or Valentine’s day. He may decide to bring you a flower on an ordinary day just to surprise you and put a smile on your face. All these efforts demonstrate that he cares about you and that you are a part of his life.

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6. He always forgives your weakness

Although you may have offended him several times, he still finds the heart to forgive you instead of ending the relationship. It is a sign he has true love for you. You cannot claim to love someone without being able to forgive them when offences come.

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7. He makes future plans with you

When a man really loves you, he will always include you in his future plans.

You will most times hear him use the phrase “us” instead of me. It means you are part of his plan. It is only a guy that has concern for you that will want a future with you.

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8. He’s not really fantasized about your body

Some guys only love you for sexual reasons. But a man that really cares about you does not bother so much about your body or physical appearance. Such love is unconditional.

A guy who does not really love you will only be demanding sex, and after that, he dumps you.

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9. He tries to fix things

There is no healthy relationship without crisis. A guy that really cares for you will never run away or break up with you simply because you had issues or misunderstandings with him. Rather, he will look for a way to settle or resolve those problems.

Relationship problems like trust issues, infidelity, poor communication and others, do not stop him from loving you. Even when he hears bad things about you, he never stops caring for you.

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10. He’s always open to you

If you want to discover a guy’s secret, meet the woman he loves. You will find every inch about him from her.

If you’ve ever noticed that your boyfriend does not hide certain things from you, it is a sign he loves you. When a guy loves you, he confides in you and will never hide anything from you (especially the ones you need to know). That is why most men can easily be trapped by women.

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11. He introduces you to his friends and relatives

A guy who is not serious about you will never introduce you to his friends or family members. But true love pushes a man to introduce you to the important people in his life.

Are you surprised that his friends and family have already known a lot about you? That is a tale sign he really loves you.

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12. He protects you

It is in the nature of men to protect the women they love. So, if your man seems to be a little bit jealous when he sees you with another guy, it’s a sign he loves and cares for you.

Everyone is prone to jealousy. It is never true that when someone truly loves you, they don’t get jealous. Insecurity will always come in, but you have to control your emotions to avoid ruining your relationship.

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13. You feel comfortable around him

A guy cannot love you without you yourself confirming it first. Your instinct will always tell you that this guy truly loves you.

You may have dated different guys before, but there is something special about this one guy. He seems to be different from other men you’ve met so far. That is a sign of love from a man.

He makes you feel comfortable around him. In fact, you hardly think of going home when you are together. That is another way to tell if he loves you.

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If A Guy Does These 13 Things He Really Loves You
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