7 Ways To Hurt A Narcissist And Make Them Regret
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7 Ways To Hurt A Narcissist And Make Them Regret

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In this post, you are going to learn how to hurt a narcissist and make them feel bad.

Dealing with a narcissist requires you to also be good at the game you are good at. Narcissists are people who have a distorted self-image, they think they are superior to others and believe that they deserve special treatment.

Narcissists are everywhere. They’re the boss who walks around the office flaunting their laurels and looking down on everyone else. They’re the coworker who takes credit for your idea and then graciously says, “It was your idea.” They’re the friends with a sky-high opinion of themselves who wants you to do things for them but doesn’t have time for you.

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There are many ways to hurt a narcissist but here are the 7 most effective ones:


7 Ways to hurt a narcissist and make them regret

How To Hurt A Narcissist

1. Make them feel like they’re not good enough

The first step to hurting a narcissist is to make them feel bad about themselves. For example, you can point out things they are not good at instead of praising them. This will hurt them badly.

2. Criticize their physical appearance

Another way to make a narcissist feel bad is to criticize their physical appearance. This will reduce their self-esteem and lower their ego. No one feels good when you criticize their look.

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3. Point out their flaws

Discussing the negative traits of your narcissist boyfriend, girlfriend, boss, co-worker, or any type of narcissist you are trying to hurt will make them feel embarrassed. We all have negative characteristics but no one wants others to know about them. So, point out their flaws to them and they will feel hurt.

4. Talk about their past failures in front of other people

Most narcissists feel bad when you tell others about their failures in life. All they want is for others to see them as the best. So, making others see them as failures will make them angry and also feel bad.

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5. Show them that you don’t care about them or the things they do

Narcissists have a very fragile egos. They need to be constantly reassured that they are the best and that they are loved. A narcissist will feel bad when they discover you have stopped caring or listening to them. Narcissists want attention and admiration but when they stop getting it, they feel bad. So, show them you don’t care about them and they will feel hurt.

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6. Laugh at them in public

Laughing at a narcissist in the public is another way to make them feel bad. When I say you should laugh at them, I don’t mean laughing at their jokes. What I mean is making a mockery of them, especially when they are humiliated or when they behave foolishly in public.

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7. Ignore or exclude them from your activities and conversations with others

Excluding a narcissist from the activities you’re involved in is another hurtful thing you can do to them and make them feel bad. No one feels better when they are isolated from others. So, the best thing you can do to a narcissist to hurt them when you are in the public is to avoid responding to their conversation or engaging in any activity they are part of.

Final thought

In conclusion, hurting a narcissist can be an effective way of getting justice for their wrongdoings, but it should only be done as a last resort.

Practicing healthy boundaries, setting firm limits, and working to protect yourself is the best way to ensure both your safety and well-being.

Narcissists can be incredibly difficult to deal with, but understanding their motivations and tactics, as well as having a good support system in your corner, can help you be successful in the long run.

Remember, while hurting a narcissist may seem like the only legitimate way of getting them to stop their abuse, it is important that you look out for and prioritize your safety before taking any action.

So, always think twice before you act. As author Alice Miller has said, “The only thing that counts is to open our eyes, to see and to understand.”

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