10 Ways To Make A Girl Think About You Without Talking

If you are asking how do you make a girl think about you? How do you control a woman’s mind and make her love you? How do you make a girl think about you through text? This post is for you.

Making a girl think about you can be easy if you know how to trigger her emotions. You need to make her feel something when she’s around you. Whether it’s laughter, attraction, or even just a simple connection, you need to find a way to make her feel something when she’s around you. Continue reading to find out how to make a girl think about you.

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How To Make A Girl Think About You

1. Be funny and make her laugh

One of the best ways to make a girl think about you is to make her laugh. If you can make her laugh, she’ll start to associate positive emotions with you. And when she starts to associate positive emotions with you, she’ll start to think about you more often.

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2. Try to be mysterious to her

Another great way to make a girl think about you is to be a little bit mysterious. Don’t tell her everything about yourself right away. Instead, let her piece together who you are bit by bit. The more she has to figure out about you, the more she’ll think about you.

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3. Send her a text message letting her know you’re thinking about her

You can decide to wake her up with romantic good morning notes for her. Or you send her a love letter, telling her how you feel about her and that you are missing her and thinking about her at the same time. She will have you in mind all through the day after reading your text.

4. Send her flowers for no reason

A surprise flower can blow her mind and make her have you in her thoughts every day. All you have to do is figure out the type of flowers she likes and get her one with a good scent. This will also make her think about you.

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5. Always leave memories behind when you talk on the phone

Be that guy who always makes her laugh or smile each time you’re talking over the phone, or when she comes online. You can choose a pet name to be calling her to make her blush and want to communicate with you often. This will make her think about you always and even miss you when she doesn’t hear from you.

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6. Flirt with her consistently

Your crush or girlfriend may not start thinking about you after flirting with them for the first time. But if you can continue doing it to keep her interested, she will eventually start having you in her thoughts.

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7. Tell her how much you love her.

Words are powerful instruments women cannot resist because they are more attracted to what they hear than what they see. Consider telling her how much you love and care for her. She will start thinking about you if she is not yet your girlfriend.

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8. Surprise her with a gift

I have come to discover that the easiest way to win a girl is to buy her a gift. It is not about her being materialistic or not. Girls love receiving something from men, no matter how little it may be. Do not wait till she celebrates her birthday before getting her a surprise present.

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9. Give her mind-blowing compliments

Everyone loves to hear a compliment, and girls are no exception. Take the time to notice things you like about her and let her know. She’ll appreciate the attention and start to think more about you.

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10. Give her a little space

You don’t need to text a girl every day or call her 24 hours to make her start thinking about you. Sometimes, giving her some space does the magic for you. Consider staying for at least 2 or 3 days without texting or calling her. This will make her start wondering what is wrong, especially if you often talk over the phone. And when this happens, she will start thinking about you.

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10 Ways to make a girl start thinking about you everyday
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