10 Ways To Attract A Guy Without Talking To Him
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10 Ways To Attract A Guy Without Talking To Him

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Do you know how to attract a guy? Maybe you have a crush on a particular guy but don’t know how to make him want you or get to talk to you. Don’t worry. In this post, I will be sharing some tips with you on how to be attractive to guys,

Attracting men to like you or fall in love with you is very simple. Men are mostly attracted to what they see. And when you know those things that charm them, you will definitely get every guy you want. Here are more details about how men fall in love.

How To Attract A Guy

1. Make eye contact with him

A girl keeping eye contact with a guy

You get to attract a man by making eye contact with him. From where you are sitting, look straight at him and quickly look away as soon as he catches your gaze. This will send him a signal that you’re interested in him. When this happens, he will not stop looking at you. And this is a sign he now feels attracted to you.

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2. Wear attractive attire

a lady in an attractive red attire

Guys are attracted to what they see. Consider putting on a new dress that will make you look attractive. Not only that, but consider the colour of your clothes. Men love to see women in red and pink clothes, depending on each guy.

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3. Walk confidently

Nothing attracts a guy like seeing a confident woman. Don’t be a dumb girl. It turns men off. Try to be confident when you walk in front of him or speak to him. But make sure you’re not being overconfident to avoid intimidating him.

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4. Smile

Try to smile when a guy looks at you or talks to you. Guys don’t like women who take everything seriously. Every man wants a simple girl they can confidently relate with. So, make smiling a hobby and attract the guy you like.

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5. Be natural

Most girls think making up is what attracts men. Guys like women who are original and naturally beautiful. Even if you apply make-up, don’t make it obvious. Let it be simple but attractive.

6. Be kind to him and to others

Guys take note of every little thing a girl does. And one of the ways to attract men is to be kind to them and the people around you. Treat everyone with respect. This will make him notice you quickly.

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7. Give him your attention

Nothing attracts guys like giving them your attention. Giving a man your attention shows you respect him, and every man wants a woman who will respect him. So, if the guy you want to attract is your colleague, maybe in school or at work, or you always talk to each other, try to give him a listening ear. Giving him your attention shows you’re interested in him and he will be attracted to you.

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8. Compliment him

When you make a guy feel special by complimenting him, he will always think about you. And when this happens, you’ve successfully attracted him. If you want to attract a guy either over text or physically, give him a nice compliment. Compliment his dress, his mannerism, his voice or any other thing you like about him.

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9. Don’t rush him

Even if you so much like this guy, you will chase him away if you rush things. If you are already friends, don’t try to do things that will make him think you’re desperate. Avoid chasing him. Rather, let him be the one to chase you.

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10. Flirt with him

You will attract a guy if you can wire his sexual feelings. Guys don’t just fall in love with you unless they are sexually attracted to you. And one of the ways you can achieve this is by flirting with him.


10 Ways to attract a guy without talking to him
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