How To Make A Guy Miss You (And Keep Calling You Every Day)
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How To Make A Guy Miss You (And Keep Calling You Every Day)

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Guys love it when you make them chase you a little bit. If you are always available to him, he may end up losing interest and start taking you for granted. So, the best way to achieve this is to make him miss you. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

But how do you make your boyfriend miss you and start thinking about you? Below are the ways to make him want you more.

Whether is your ex or your boyfriend, you can make him miss you and want you back with the tricks below.

How to make a guy miss you

1. Distance yourself from him

Don’t always be available to him. Give him some space and see him miss you badly.

For instance, don’t accept every of his proposal to go on a date with him. Sometimes, claim to be too busy but promises to go out with him next time. It will not only make him understand why you refused to go out with him but will also help him not to lose interest.

Distance yourself from him by not contacting him for a while and by not responding to his texts immediately. When you miss his call, don’t be in a haste to call him back.

Wait for some hours or even a day before calling him back. When you’ve finally called him, apologize to him that you missed his call but couldn’t get back to him.

This will make him think you’re not ignoring him. Guys hate being ignored by the woman they’re in love with. If he discovers you’re deliberately doing that, he may lose interest and walk away.

So, avoid being a clingy girlfriend. Give him the physical and emotional space he needs and see him start missing you.

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2. Don’t always come online

A guy will not miss you if he’s seeing you online, every day, especially if you are in a long-distance relationship.

If you are connected with him on social media, don’t always come online or chat with him.

He will start looking for you as soon as he discovers you’ve not been online for a while.

You can decide to stay for about a week without calling or texting him, and even without going online. If he didn’t call you after one week, then he’s not into you. You need to attract him first before looking for a way to make him miss you.

It is also important to know how men fall in love if you really want to get him.

3. Live some good memories in his head

Figure out what he likes about you, do it for a while and stop. He will not only feel your absence, but he will crave or desire you the more.

Does he enjoy eating your delicious meal? If so, make him desire it badly.

Create a good memory in his head so that he will start thinking about you, as soon as he remembers those things you normally do.

Send him some sweet notes and stop for a while. Be nice to him and support his dreams. Each time he didn’t hear from you, he will try his best to reach out to you. And when he does that, it means he’s already missing you.

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4. Be the good girl he can never find elsewhere

Another way to make a guy miss you is to be the good girl he can never find elsewhere. Invest in yourself and show him why he cannot stay without you.

Try to be a good girlfriend. Make him feel special so that when he looks for you and didn’t see you, he will start missing you.

5. Play a little hard to get

Some may say you shouldn’t play hard to get, but I advice you to play a little hard to get.

Allow him to chase you a little bit, but don’t overdo it to avoid losing him. Men like doing the chase. You will make him obsessed if you act like you don’t care most time.

But don’t forget to give him a reasonable excuse and equally apologize to him if you feel you’ve hurt his feelings. This will make him start thinking about everything they’ve known about you so far.

As a guy, I have experienced this several times, and I can say it leaves me thinking about you at the end of everything. But once I discover you’re playing hard to get because you don’t love me, I withdraw from you.

So, if you want to play hard to get, make sure you don’t do it in a way he will think you’re acting as if you’re the only girl in the world.

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6. Flirt with him over the text

Another way to make your boyfriend miss you is to flirt with him over the text and disappear for a while.

If you have a specific time you chat with each other, flirt with him and make yourself scarce for a while.

He will start desiring your texts when he looks for you and can’t find you. He will start missing you and equally want you as soon as he feels your absence.

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