10 Best Productive Morning Routines That Will Level Up Your Life
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10 Best Productive Morning Routines That Will Level Up Your Life

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Having a daily morning routine is necessary for productivity and personal growth. Forming or developing morning habits may not be easy but there are lots of benefits attached to it. Here is a list of ideas of productive morning routines you should start in 2022 for personal development.

Productive Morning Routines

1. Waking up early

If this is not your number one morning routine, then you’re missing out. Having a productive day begins with waking up on time. Instead of waking up 30 minutes before work, try to wake up at least one hour or two before time for work. Here is my previous post about how to wake up at 5 am daily.

2. Meditation

The best productive morning routine you should begin with is meditation. Meditation helps you to reflect on your life, to-do-list and set new goals every day. Mindfulness comes through meditation. So, if you want to be in control of yourself and the tasks facing you, learn how to wake up early to meditate.

3. Exercising your body

Daily morning exercise helps you stay healthy and stronger. You cannot have a productive day if your health is not in order. Practice exercising yourself every morning as soon as you wake up from sleep.

4. Setting your goals for the day

If you have not started this already, you’re lagging behind in your personal development and productivity journey. Start every morning with some to-do-list for the day. If you feel unmotivated to continue with your yesterday’s goals, set new ones. Endeavour to do this every morning. It will help you stay focused and motivated.

5. Drink water

Do you know that drinking water early in the morning before taking your meals has some health benefits? It can help you lose weight, improve your mental health, and boosts your energy. You can read more about that in this article.

6. Decluttering

If you want to be more productive every day, form the habit of decluttering every morning. Remove every unnecessary thing in your life. This helps you stay organized and more in control of your life.

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7. Making your bed

Practising making your bed and your home look nice, neat and smarter is another morning routine that will make you productive. This morning habit will also influence you in your workplace. It makes arranging your office, files or documents easier for you when you have successfully formed this habit at home.

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8. Practising gratitude

Gratitude is one of the secrets of happiness. Do you want to avoid feeling sad even in the midst of a bad day? Make practising gratitude your morning routine. Forget about the things you couldn’t achieve yesterday and appreciate God for today and the things you’re going to achieve. This also helps you to live with a positive mindset.

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9. Renewing your mind

One of the secrets I have learned about being focused and staying productive is renewing my mind daily. I often do this by listening to podcasts, watching motivational videos, and reading motivational quotes or books every morning. Try to renew your mind every morning by listening to podcasts that will change your mind and challenge you to improve yourself.

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10. Journalising

Make writing down your thoughts, every morning a routine. I personally get inspiration on what to do or what to write early in the morning. Do not allow those ideas to just vanish from your mind without putting them down on paper.


10 Best productive morning routines that will level up your life
10 best productive morning routines to start
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