10 Signs Your Marriage Is Over And You Should Move On
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10 Signs Your Marriage Is Over And You Should Move On

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Does your relationship still have the hope of surviving? Read on to discover the signs your marriage is over.

Marriage is an honorable institution ordained by God. When your marriage is about to fail, there are undeniable warning signs you will notice. If you ever see any of these signs in your relationship, it means your marriage is over.

Signs Your Marriage Is Over

1. You don’t bother to fix things anymore

You will know your marriage is over if you or your partner don’t make any further efforts to resolve the problems in your relationship. When you’re upset, you both go to bed angry and don’t even make an effort to fix things. If this constantly happens in your marriage, it’s a big sign your marriage is over.

2. You don’t have sex anymore

Sex is very important in every marriage. It helps increase intimacy. But if you no longer have sex with your partner, it’s a warning sign your marriage is in trouble.

Can you tell me the last time you and your partner slept in the same bed or made love?

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3. Having affairs have become a routine for both of you

Either you or your partner openly has affairs and none of you gets bothered about that. You cheat on each other, emotionally and physically. When this happens, it shows you no longer have regard for each other and no marriage can survive under such circumstances.

4. You’re both tired of the marriage

Neither you nor your partner is interested in the marriage anymore. You no longer plan the future together. Not only that, but you now take decisions independently without involving your partner. You no longer invest in the relationship. All you’re concerned about is how to leave the marriage. All these are signs your marriage is over.

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5. You don’t communicate anymore

Communication is the backbone of every relationship. When you can’t communicate properly, your relationship will definitely fail.

What is your communication level with your partner? Do you often sit back, late at night to discuss the issues bothering your marriage? If your answer to these questions is negative, then, they’re signs it’s time for you to let go.

6. You no longer trust each other

Trust cannot be separated from a healthy relationship. Do you trust each other anymore? If trust has vanished in your marriage, it’s a red flag your relationship is failing.

7. Constant domestic violence

A healthy marriage shouldn’t be filled with domestic violence. If your marriage still has hope, your partner wouldn’t have been abusing you, either verbally, emotionally, or physically. So, if you constantly experience physical abuse from your partner without them making any attempt to change, it shows they’re no longer interested in the marriage. All he or she is doing is just finding a way to end the marriage.

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8. You feel isolated

You now feel single whereas you’re still married. This is a huge sign your marriage is failing already. You’re not supposed to feel isolated or lonely when you have a partner. But because your marriage isn’t working anymore, you have to feel alone.

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9. You’re no longer friends

A couple is supposed to be each other’s best friends. Best friends talk about everything without being ashamed. They might misunderstand each other today, but tomorrow they’re friends again. That is how you and your partner should be living if your marriage is really going to work. But if you notice that you’ve lost that friendship in your marriage, it is another sign your marriage is ending already.

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10. Divorce is your next line of action

All you think about is how to file a divorce and simply put an end to your marriage. It is very obvious that you’re no longer happy in your relationship. All these are telling you that your marriage is over.


10 Signs your marriage is over and you should move on
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